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Michael Anderson

Adult Nutrition Lesson Plan Project

Lesson Title: On your Mark, Get Set, EAT

Target Audience:
My target audiences are Runners of all abilities trying to improve their input and output
of nutrition from training to the BIG day.
General Health Issue Being Addressed: Void undernourishment for high Intense and
endurance activities
Specific Learning Objectives
Objective #1: The student will be able to name two energy fueling items during a long
Learning Domain: Cognitive and Psychomotor
Objective #2: Student will compare two types of hydration products.
Learning Domain: Cognitive
Duration: Total of 45min-1hr
Procedure Outline:
Introduction: I would like to open the class on a track or on a scenic running trial nearby
to the facility. We will spend 15 minutes stretching, while loosening up we will discuss
the reason why they have choose to train for an endurance event. Ex: Bucket List? Lose
Weight?, Raise Money and Awareness for a Charity?, or Inspiration for themselves or a
family member. The run will total a distance of 2 miles broke up in 4 have miles
jog/runs. This warm up run will get the classes mind on running and what they may
need nutritionally for an endurance event.

After the First half of a mile we will stop at and chat about and why adequate nutrition is
important when I comes to exercise activities.
After another half of a mile run we will stop at a hydration station where there will be
five different types of hydration tools where each person will be able to sample.

How to stay Hydrated during a longer run:

You should drink enough during the marathon so you don't lose more than about
2 to 3 percent of your body weight during the race. Drinking more than you've lost
brings the risk of hyponatremia.

Sports Drink
Sports Gel (Hydration/ Nutrition)
Water (Flavored and Filtered)
Fruit Juices

After another half mile will stop again to discuss how to intake nutrition while. As well as
Sample a few items we could choose to eat during an endurance workout.

How to hydrate during a longer run:

What is needed during a run?

As the miles become longer and the training becomes harder so do the calories
needed, especially calories from carbohydrates. Even thou each persons will
react differently when it comes to varieties of options out there, but In general,
runners need to add in 30 to 60 grams of carbohydrate each hour that they are
running longer than 75 minutes.

Water vs Sport Drinks

i. Sports Drinks
Most sports drinks on the market are what sports
scientists call isotonic, which means they contain
a carbohydrate solution that is at 6-8%
concentration. These drinks are in the middle of
the spectrum in terms of absorption rate
i. Water

Water is the most readily absorbed

(hypotonic) fluid.

What to eat During Runs:

According to Janice H. Dada when eating during a training run or event, a
runner should consume a food item that is high in easily digestible
carbohydrate and low in fat and protein. Since fat, protein, and fiber slow
down the digestive process, runners should avoid these nutrients to keep
their stomach calm. Digestion during exercise is difficult enough since the
blood supply is diverted to the working muscles at a time when it would
normally be focused on the stomach and proper digestion.

Cliff Bar
Power Bar
gummy bears
jelly bean
energy gels

The reason a person may choose one high octane source of

carbohydrates over another be for a number of reasons: Taste, Texture,
theirs reaction to the food or even the convenience.
After the last mile we will complete the class with a quick question and answers station
and then close with a motivating and inspiring video of some of the most beautiful and
exciting places around the world where marathons are held. Ex: Athens, Paris, China,
Africa, Hawaii

Materials Needed List: Workout Clothes, Running Shoes, I will hand out note taking
materials if needed, and an appetite to learn.

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