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Subtraction: Take Apart CC.K.OA.

Teacher: Deniece White

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Days: 4

Week: 11/10/2014


Content and Standards: CC.K.OA.1 Understand addition as putting

together and adding to, and understand subtraction as taking apart or taking
Prerequisites: The student will have a basic understanding of counting.


Essential Questions: How can you show subtraction as taking apart?


Instructional Objective: Use expressions to represent subtraction. Represent

addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings,
sounds (e.g., claps), and acting out situations, verbal explanations,
expressions, or equations.


Instructional Procedures: Before: In whole group the student will be

engaged with a Brain pop video on how to Subtract. With guided practice the
students will work to solve sample subtraction problem examples. They will
learn that subtraction is taking away a number from the number in all.
Children will begin to find the number that is left but will not write the
subtraction sentence. At the end of the lesson, children represent subtraction
with an expression, 5-1, for the first time. Although children do not learn the
name for the minus symbol, they trace the symbol and learn that it means the
same as take away. This prepares them for writing subtraction sentences later
on in the chapter. In small group the children will learn to determine the
number in all, how many are taken away, and how many are left. During:
Day One: Green Teacher Table: Subtraction mania, Blue Table: Subtraction
Bingo, Orange Table: Addition Turkey. Day Two: Green Teacher Table: Subtraction Number Sense, Blue Table: Skip Count by Five, Orange
Table: - Build a Tower. Day Three: Green Teacher Table: Put Numbers in
Order, Blue Table: Skip Count by Ten, Orange Table: Count the Bears.
Day Four Green Teacher Table: Subtraction Assessment, Blue Table:
Turkey Race, Orange Table: Shapes Memory Game.
After: The student will with guided assistance practice taking apart and
taking away subtraction problems.


Materials and Equipment:

Math Board

Two Color counters

Brain Pop Jr. Subtraction video

Promethean Board

Material for Centers


Assessment/Evaluation: The student will be observed in whole group, small

group, and with a partner for his or her ability to understand subtraction as
taking apart or taking from. The student will further understand for any
number 1 9, how to take from 10.

VIII. Differentiation: Individualized Activities:

a. Extension: As students develop proficiency with solving each type of
subtraction structure, then they will be encouraged to take apart numbers 1
20 and display their ability to write problems for others to solve.
b. Intervention: Students will be allowed to work with smaller numbers as
needed so that they can practice using efficient strategies to solve the

Technology: The promethean Bard will be used to show a Brain pop Jr.
Video on basic subtraction.


Self-Assessment: A reflection on the students understanding and ability to

find 10 or greater from a given number and record the answer during whole
group, small group and/or individual expression will be used to make changes
ongoing as well as design future lessons incorporating data gathered from the
students response to the lesson.