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‘Alasdair MeDiarmit Research offcer ‘Community the union for fe {7/68 Lng here Covent Garden Lendon | WC2ESrA Tek 207420 023 Mob: 07834129555 Fee 020 74204098 ‘mal: amedlarmid communi ‘ww consmuny- tore us Regulation (Scottand) Bl: consultation Response October 2013, ‘This submission f submitted by Community Trade Union, Community has significant membership css Scotland; notably in the supported employment high street betting and manufacturing 1.Do you suppor the generalaim ofthe proposed Bi? Please indicate "yes/no/andecided” and ‘exon the reason for your respon. ‘Yes, Cornmunity welcomes and stone support the proposals contained within the consultation document We belive there isa clear and urgent need forthe Scottish Parliament to take steps 10 egulate the bus industry to stiengthen local authority control and protect vital rural and nor- brositable’ bus services on which many peopl ey 2. What would be the main practical advantages ofthe lgisation proposed? What woul be the sadvuntages? Community believes the propesals redesigned to ensure Scotland has the best possible bus sevice rovision or the maximum posible numberof service users It isclear that the status quo ino longer sullen; we cannt leave the provision of bus services ‘exclusively tothe private markt. We must tke action to addess persistent examples of market failure were services are non-nistent or xace after certain tines, patel in our cual ‘communis and localities lacking realistic anspor alternatives. tei cas helping to alleviate rad congestion an lowering carbon emissions outcomes leading to benefits forthe environment, sal incusion andthe economy. 3. Inwhat ways do you enisagereregultion being used to improve bus serves? ‘We cant continue ta have a sation wher private operators can cherry ck the most profitable routes and un down or simply cancel the less prftable routes. it makes perfect sense to enable transport uthorties to bundle profitable and non-poftable routes together and franchise them as a package, witha binding commitment to delvering effective socially useul services as pat of the contrac. Experience has taugit us that publi subsiding socaly necessary bus Services is woetuly Inetective in safeguarding hase seve, 4. How can community transport be beter lied to serve local communities and particu low passenger volume utes? Loca communis should be consulted at an early stage of he tendering process nd indeed throughout that process, withan enhanced oe fr lca authorities and laa service wer in Shaping bus series within tee own communities '5.do you agree that the Tele Commissioner should beable to imps great anc penalties on operators wha a) faite meet the terms ofthe franchise ob) walk away fromthe franchise atrogetier? ‘Yes The Trae Commissioner must have teeth ad the ait to Impose meaning penalties the ‘listo succeed terms of ivering the stated objectives 6. Whats your assessment ofthe likey financial implication ofthe proposed Bl to you or your ‘organisation? What other sgricant fancaimplications ae ely to aise? tis not envisaged thatthe proposed Bll will have significant Financial mpiicatlon forth Union as an ovralovganation, However, our membership in Scotland includes many sable and ‘vularable workers who rely heavily on local bus services to meet al of thee transport neads, many ‘of whom quality fr fee bus uavelanfor whom car ownership is ot an option, Where local bus Services are withdrawn the ancl lpact on iid within ths group is potently severe, particulary ithey ate unable o journey to their place of work. Therefore inthis respect the ‘nancial implications of the proposed Bl are overwheleingly positive. 7.1sthe proposed Bl ely tohave any substantial positive or negative implication for equality? If Itty to navea substantial negative implication, how might this be minimised or voiced? ‘stated above Community’smembership in Scotland includes a significant numberof disables ‘people. in safeguarding vial lecl bus services the proposed Bil wil hep to ensure that csbled ‘people who rly on local bus services tof and stay a work cn continue to dos. Therefore the proposed Billhas positive impleations fr equality in enabling disabled people to enter the workforce and sustain employment. 5. o youhave any other comment or suggestion thats elevant tothe need foro deta ofthis ‘Commu beloves the propesae to be exelent and wall thought through and considers bus regulation il to be well overdue, We would wge al poltical parties 0 work constuctvely together ‘on animportant attr of national aterest.