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Katelin Short

Wall Wisher/Collage
21st Educational Technologies/ 5 Personal
Direct link: http://padlet.com/kts32/qorqoisxvjm4

My brochure
Special Olympics
My philosophy
Free apps for my

ODE resources

My brochure includes: my personal interest in special education, my hobbies, and my view on education. It is
important that my students parents and other colleagues can view my brochure via web.
I want my viewers to see my passion in working with those who have disabilities. I enjoy volunteering with ATC.
I provided a picture that I took at the Special Olympics, because I want my viewers to experience the joy and of
my job.
I want my viewers to grasp my beliefs, goals, and aspirations in the field of special education. I believe that using
technology as a 21st Century learner in college will help form me into a well-rounded teacher.
As education is advancing in technology, I apps will provide students multiple ways to learn and explore through
technology. Using apps have been very successful in the 21st century, especially in special education classrooms.
This link provided many different options, especially with sensory and motor skills.
40 Amazing iPad Apps for Children with Learning Disabilities. (n.d.). Disability network of Northern Michigan.
Retrieved from http://disabilitynetwork.org/technology/40-amazing-ipad-apps-for-the-learningdisabled/#.VBJc1caWTwI
This is very important for teachers, because it will give them updated with what is going on in the state of Ohio.
This provides standards to uphold in the 21st Century.
Ohio Department of Education. (2013, August 15). Teaching. Retrieved from

You Tube video

My learning style

Free games for my

classroom. Grades

Sign your child up

to become
involved with ATC
My Voki

This video provides insight on what an intensive/special education classroom looks like. It also shows different
technologies used to help each student learn in the 21st century. You Tube has many different lessons and links to
provide support for visual learning. Learning in the 21st century provides students and teachers more resources
than a textbook. I chose this one because it relates to my field.
Rubino, N. (2008, December 8). A day in the life of a special education teacher. [ Video file]. Video posted to
Educational planner provides teachers insight on what kind of learners they have within their classrooms. This
website offers stats for teachers to see which if their students are tactile, auditory, or visual learners. After the
results, teachers could use multiple 21st Century learning tools to help their students.
Education Planner. (2011). Education planner. Retrieved from http://www.educationplanner.org
To involve 21st Century technology within classrooms, this website provides many different games for teachers
to use. These educational activities/games can be uploaded through an iPad or smart board. Both are being used
everyday with younger generations in the 21st Century.
Fun Brain.com-The Internets #1 Education Site for K-8 Kids and Teachers. (n.d.). Fun brain.com-the internets #1
education site for k-8 kids and teachers. Retrieved September 11, 2014, from http://www.funbrain.com.
All-Star Training Club provides children and adults with disabilities to grow physically, mentally, and socially.
Students should become involved with extra-curricular activities, because it keeps them healthy and active. This
is a great organization that helps children and adults throughout the year.
All-Star Training Club. (n.d.). All-star training club. Retrieved from http://www.allstartrainingclub.org.
My Voki is a fun way to engage my students with homework assignments and in-class activities. Also, Voki can be
sent through e-mails for parents/students. Voki is a great way to interact with students inside and outside of the
classroom. Using Voki could advance more students to become experienced with technology in 21st Century. This
resource is great for elementary grade levels.
Voki. (n.d.). Voki home. Retrieved from http://www.voki.com

Free crossword

Class Jump

This is a unique way for teachers to use 21st Century technology and personalize their own lesson plans.
Students could use this for group projects. It provides a way for students to become comfortable with looking up
resources via web.
Instant Online Crossword puzzle maker. (n.d.). Instant online crossword puzzle maker. Retrieved from
This is a great way for a teacher to become a facilitator in his or her classroom. Also, students could become more
independently involved with using the web to update and check their homework assignments. This is just like
Springboard for students at The University of Akron. Teachers could post assignments and create online
classrooms, which is important in the 21st Century.
Free Web Sites for Teachers. (n.d.). Class Jump. Retrieved from http://www.classjump.com

Making learning fun

with Blabberize

Blabberize is kind of like Voki. This allows teachers to use pictures and animation to talk their students.
Anywhere from a lama to a super-hero. This is very beneficial for younger students to grasp their attention using
21st Century learning.

Lets explore

Blabberize.com-Got a Picture?. (n.d.). Blabberize it!. Retrieved from http://blabberize.com

This website was created to make learning and reading more fun. Exploratorium is located in San Francisco and
online. This has many tools, apps, and games to involve students to explore and learn in the 21st Century.

21st Century

Experience the Exploratorium. (n.d.). Exploratorium. Retrieved from http://www.exploratorium.com

This website was very informational about teachers and students in the 21 st Century. This video gives teachers
insight on how students are learning using technology in todays society. This video is very informative for
teachers in training.
TEDX Talks. (2013, December 5). 21st Century learning: Nathaniel Bott at TEDX Launceston. [Video file]. Video
posted to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI9TiuVHc0A