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Alvarez 1

Amy Alvarez
ENC 1101
David Thacker
8 December 2014
Portfolio Reflection
This past semester I have learned a copious amount about writing and how to
improve my writing. Freshman English Composition and Rhetoric has honestly been the
best English class I have had, in a sense of learning helpful information and also in the
sense of fun. Throughout this class I have learned many different concepts to apply to
my writing. I plan on carrying and continuing to use these concepts throughout my
college career and in my future.
One of the biggest concepts I have learned has been learning how to write from
different perspectives. By writing from different perspectives you are able to give a
different insight to the reader making the read more interesting. A great example when I
did this was in my poem, Potatoes. For this poem I decided to play the role of the potato.
By writing as if I were the potato I explained how many ways you can cook and eat
potatoes. I can be baked, chopped, fried or mashed, are all examples. I could have
done this from a different perspective and just describe the potato like I was a viewer, but
it would have had a different effect on the poem. I chose to write as the potato, because I
have never written anything from a perspective of an inanimate object before and I
wanted to challenge myself.
The perspective of the writing also contributes to the audience it is written for.
This was another concept that I learned, that I found very helpful. If I were writing an

Alvarez 2
article for National Geographic Magazine I would have a totally different style and topic
for my article, versus if I were writing for Seventeen Magazine. This is because I would
be writing for a different audience and the readers of National Geographic are probably
not interested in the same things as readers of Seventeen Magazine. For one of my
assignments I wrote an article about Maroon 5, which obviously wouldnt be appropriate
to place in a National Geographic Magazine. The intended audience, who reads National
Geographic Magazine, will most likely not care that Maroon 5 was original named
Karas Flowers. People who read National Geographic are more interesting in nature
and different cultures not that In 2007, [Maroon 5] released their second album, It
Wont Be Soon Before Long. When thinking about your audience, I learned that you
should also take into consideration your audiences age range so you know their
intellectual level. If writing for National Geographic you should use bigger vocabulary
and fill it in with more factual text. When writing for Seventeen you have to change your
writing style to be more appealing for teenage/young adult girls. This is easily done with
use of exclamation points and gossip about celebrities. Including things about hot actors
that are on the rise, such as Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley, who worked on the
Divergent set together as brother and sister there was a connection that really made the
love between them believable.
When writing papers, or in general I have now learned to chose active verbs over
passive verbs. Not only do I know to choose active verbs, I have gotten better at using
more sensory language. I display this the best in my poems assignment. In my poem
titled Forever Dancing I use sensory language and you can almost hear the butler

Alvarez 3
singing. I describe the sky as booming and grumbling so it is easier for the reader
to paint the picture in their heads.
Overall I learned a ton from all of the assignments I have done in this course. If I
had to choose one I would say I learned the most from the poems assignment. This
reason being that I have not had much experience with writing poems before, therefore it
was challenging for me. From this assignment I learned that not all poems have to follow
a certain structure or rhyming pattern. However, some poems do benefit from following
a certain structure, for reading purposes making it more enjoyable. In my sonnet I wrote
for my second assignment I followed a rhyming pattern to make my sonnet more
interesting and more melodic sounding. I rhymed words such as, eighty with greatly
and head with dead. All the choice I made was to benefit the reader and their
experience while reading the poem.
During this course I have learned how to analyze and critically look at my work
and other students work. Doing so I have picked up on different concepts that help better
my work. Those concepts include but are not limited too writing from different
perspectives, learning to write for certain audiences, choosing active verbs and sensory
language over passive verbs, and how to write effective poems. I plan to continue using
and expanding the concepts I have learned in this class throughout my college career and
after I graduate.