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Cathleen Damos

18200 Blanco Springs apt 323, San Antonio, TX, 78258

(210) 391-3390 cell
Objective: Seeking a career where I can make a difference within my community and use my skill
sets as well as educational background.

Currently Enrolled in The University of Texas at San Antonio. Graduating Winter

of 2014, With a BA in Multidisciplinary Studies
Major: Multidisciplinary with a focus in Sociology, Womens Studies and early
childhood education
Throughout my educational experiences I have learned the unique and
distinct struggles different groups of people face and how to effectively communicate and relate to
these individuals. Through my sociology coursework I have gained a better understanding of the
world around me and the basic multicultural dynamics in play.

Proficient in Microsoft Office

Strong verbal Communication and writing skills
Leads members of my team effectively to reach objectives
Exhibits time management skills in working, as well as completing a BA degree with
rigorous and demanding coursework.
Ability to communicate with and relate to many different people
Listens proactively


Cory Brooks- General Manager at Stonewerks, (210)828-3508

Wallace Pope Long time professional acquaintance (210)274-1675
Kent Mantle Long time family friend (210)287-4355
M.J. Martinez (210) 473-7197

2013 Present


Bobs Steak And Chophouse

Providing exceptional customer service to guests
Communicating effectively with managers, guests and coworkers
Time Management

La Frite Belgian Bistro



San Antonio, TX

Providing fine dining experiences for guests.

Effectively communicating with guests about menu options
Multi-tasking; bartending, serving and hostessing simultaneously

Stonewerks Big Rock Grille

San Antonio, TX

Server Trainer

Providing guests with a spectacular dining experience

Communicating with guests about menu choices, helping to
satisfactorily answer questions and address concerns
Dealing with customer complaints in an appropriate and courteous
Maintaining a clean section
Training newly hired employees on company policies and procedures.
Greeting guests with a positive attitude
Answering phones and helping guests with general questions
Working as a team with other hostesses to work toward a common
Running the computer and keeping track of the status of tables and
server sections.
Running errands for managers
Communicating effectively


Joes Crab Shack


San Antonio, TX

Provided customers with the Perfect Joes Experience

Courteously and knowledgeably answered all guests questions
Handled Guest Complaints in a respectful and satisfactory way.
Was awarded Employee of the Month within the first six months of
being hired
YMCA of Greater San Antonio

Child Watch/ After School Care

San Antonio, TX

Provided a safe and entertaining learning environment for children in my

Communicated with parents about any concerns or behavior issues
Planned activities that were both engaging and educational
Was in charge of anywhere between 30 to 60 children at one time.