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EDUC 330/347

Calvin College Lesson Plan Format

Universal Design/Access

Teacher: Ms. Vander Baan

I. Objectives

Date: 11/20/2014

Subject/Topic/Theme: ELAUsing Sensory Details

What is the point of this lesson? What is the Big Idea?

Students will gain a better understanding of sensory details. Students will be able to write using sensory details in order to
enhance their own writing style. My main reason for teaching this lesson is to get Anahla and Deona inspired to do some
writing! I want them to realize that writing doesnt have to be boring, you can add descriptors and imagination to it!
How does this lesson fit into a unit or long term plan?
This lesson is important in the students lives, as they will need to use details in their writing for school. Writing is a life long
skill and always needs to be improved.
The Learner will (your objectives):
Gain a better understanding of sensory details

Be able to write using sensory details in order to enhance their own writing styles

Identify words that enhance the senses

Connection to Standards (Common Core, GLCES, Extended GLCES)

Use precise language and domain-specific vocabulary to inform about or explain the topic.
Use precise words and phrases, relevant descriptive details, and sensory language to capture the action and convey
experiences and events.

II. Before You Start

Identify Prerequisite Skills (modified Task Analysis)
-Students should use their common knowledge of descriptor words. For example, (soft, rough, bright, sweet, etc.)
Assessment Method (How will you know what student knows)
-Formativevisually watching students. Listening to their responses.
-Summative (paragraph)
Universal Design for Learning Networks/Domains (see UDL Guidelines)
Multiple Means of Representation
Multiple Means of Expression (Action)
Options for Perception
Options for action/interaction
-Visual information
-Having students talking through their
-Auditory information
-I am describing expectations and steps
to students as I am moving through
Options for Language/Symbols
Options for Expression
-Clarifying the steps as I am going
-Using multiple means of
through them
-Illustrating sensory details as I am
-Allowing students to create their own
going through them with multiple
paragraph at the end of lesson
Options for Comprehension
Options for Executive Function
-Activating background knowledge by
-Use of manipulatives
using introductory story
-Using the good introduction story
-Guiding information with
manipulation and visualization
-Continually checking students
understanding by having them describe

Multiple Means of Engagement
Options for recruiting interest
-Using manipulative (song) on the iPad
-Minimize distractions by having
students in the resource room

Options for Sustaining Effort &

-Moving through the activities
(switching the senses)

Options for Self Regulation

-Promoting expectations and beliefs
that optimize motivation

EDUC 330/347

Calvin College Lesson Plan Format

Universal Design/Access

Materials Needed and Arranged

-iPad with song
-cotton balls
-sand paper
-the color red
Instructional Space Arrangement
-Same as the classroom is set up already

III. The Plan

(roughly) Engagement/



Teacher Activity
Describe to the students what
sensory details are. Tell them that
they are going to do an exercise
that will enhance their abilities to
use sensory details beyond
sayingit smells good.
- We will share at the end!
-Example of using the senses
when I go into my kitchen and
smell apple pie. I then open the
oven and see apple pie. After
taking it out of the oven, I can
taste and touch the apple pie.
-Pass out lined paper, pencils, etc.
-Explain to the students that you
are going to be putting objects
near them and want them to use
sensory descriptors or
describing words to help others
who didnt witness the object
understand what it is.
-Pass out the first object (red)
remind students to use as many
descriptive words as possible,
describe it to someone who has
never seen the object
-Pass out the second object
(cinnamon). Tell the students to
write down as many images that
the smell evokes
-Have the students close their
eyes, pass out the cotton ball and
the sandpaper. Tell the students
to write down all the details
about the objects.

Student Activity

-Students write down their

sensory descriptors to the first

-Students draw pictures of the

image it evokes

-Students feel the objects and

write down as many details as
they can.

EDUC 330/347



Calvin College Lesson Plan Format

Universal Design/Access
-Play a selection of musicask
students to listen for a minute.
Then have students describe
verbally any scenes that the song
evoked or any images they could
think of, or sounds heard.
-Pass out the candy. Tell students
they must use all of their sensory
details (smell, taste, touch, see,
-Describe to students that they
have the opportunity to write a
few sentences about their piece
of food. They must write using all
of the sensory details to describe
the food item without directly
coming out and saying what they
are eating.
-Students can share their
paragraph if they want to.
- Ask students to share why using
sensory details are important?
Remind students again if needed.

-Students share their responses


-Students will taste their item

-Students write sentences using

the sensory details to describe
their food item.

-Students share why using sensory

details are important.

IV. Reflection
Reflection on the lesson and student learning. Did you follow the plan? Was the plan effective? What
evidence do you have that the plan did or did not accomplish your Objectives? What will you change
for the next lesson Access options, Materials, the Plan, the Assessment?