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Celso Sandoval Martinez

Professor Pilgreens
College One
3, December 2014
Future Pathways Or College One student
Dear, future Pathways or College One student I hope that you know you have taken the
first step into success if you are planning to receive benefits from this college, like me. Hello my
name is Celso Sandoval Martinez and started pathways in the fall of 2014. I too felt pretty lost
when I entered this school, but got involved with pathways before I registered for my classes. I
am eighteen years old and was fresh out of high school as soon as I applied to Pasadena City
College. I am currently enrolled in English 100, English 901 lab, Speech one, College One, and
well Administration of Justice of course. I already enrolled in some classes required for
transferring to a California State University, thanks to the IGETC. There are many courses,
experiences, presentations, meetings, and readings that pathways will require you to take, and
should impact you like it did to me.
One impact for me came from a book called The Madonnas of Echo Park by Brando
Skyhorse. The reason why it impacted me was because there were so many life stories and
morals that came out of the writing of the book. For example a quote coming from one of the
main characters of the book like Felicia or a lady who had a troubled life and ends up with a
daughter who she wishes not to struggle as much as she did when she was young. Felicia mother
of Aurora or another protagonist desires what she did not have the chance to do for her daughter
like My job is to work here, I said. Your job is to go to school. (31). This quote inspires
me to realize that I am doing the right thing as of right now and that is to get an education.

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Another quote that I found significant would be one that Brando also stated in his book which
explains how in order to succeed in life one must take action even if it means to make sacrifices
or start at early age. The quote introduces (Efren Mendoza as a boy who ran away from home
for a better productive life and it is Somewheres better than nowhere( Skyhorse 73). The
quote is pretty inspirational because it is based upon how things are achievable in life, especially
if one has education.
Readings surely promotes great students and in College One, I learned that there are
better techniques to comprehend a book or story. For example my class was assigned to work on
Reading Response Journals which helped my classmates and I stay on top of our reading. The
first RRJ I wrote was the one that affected me the most because I had to talk about the authors
notes and chapter one of The Madonnas of Echo Park and encouraged me to seriously think of
my writing skills. Another useful tool to further comprehend the same book was the poster
presentation, in which I had to group up with people I did not know and produce a professional
presentation. At the end, all of my groups work provided me with new friends and responsible
people to know and simple bond with for college.
College Has great resources one can access, especially for pathway members. Such
resources are: the Teaching and Learning Center, The Library, Coaches, and The career center.
The TLC was definitely a great place one can work in to complete homework, projects etc
while having on the watch assistance to well tutors around. The library was just a quiet place one
can use computers, study, and or do research. Coaches are the Guides that are more than just
willing to personally talk to one in detail about the resources around to reach ones full potential
needs. Finally the Career Center is just the place one should start to visit simple to figure out

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what career fits one personality. Having access to all these resources are just about free after
becoming a Pathways student, and may even teach one how to apply for financial aid or the
misconception I had entering Pasadena City College. Applying for financial aid was later solved
step by step thanks to the well trained staff at the TLC. This is an interesting, fun, motivatonal,
and supportive program and I hope you enjoy it.