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Vanessa Vaquerano: Annotated Bibliography

Beaubien, Jason, and John Poole. "Why A Teenage Mom Was Jailed In El Salvador After
A Stillbirth." NPR. September 22, 2014. Accessed October 30, 2014.
In the article, the two authors present an interview of a woman in El Salvador who was
falsely accused of terminating her pregnancy. She was sentenced to 30 years in prison but
the sentence was overturned when a lawyer stumbled across her case. The article was
published on NPR (National Public Radio), which is a highly notable news source. The
anecdote presented by the interviewee should be a good source to fall back on when I
write about personal experiences about the abortion laws in El Salvador. The source will
definitely add an emotional connection (pathos) to my paper.
Berer, Marge. "Termination of pregnancy as emergency obstetric care: the interpretation
of Catholic health policy and the consequences for pregnant women: An analysis of the
death of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland and similar cases." Reproductive health matters
21, no. 41 (2013): 9-17.
The journal article, written by Marge Berer, discussed about the importance of a better
obstetric care. The author gives readers information on maternal death all across the
world and also discusses the negatives that the Roman Catholic policies provide. The
reader urges governments from these countries to find a solution. Its a reliable source, as
I found it through UCSBs library links. As an argumentative piece, I plan to utilize this
to my advantage. Its a source to fall back on when I need an authors point of view that
goes along with my argument towards the middle and end of my paper. A drop back
might be it being to opinioned-based.
Htun, Mala. Sex and the State: Abortion, Divorce, and the Family Under Latin American
Dictatorships and Democracies. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2003.
The book studies the experiences of Latin American countries in the end of the 20th
century to understand the reasoning behind the decisions about policy on gender issues,
specifically women. Again, like most books Ive found, it deals a lot with the history of
policy making. Much of the first part of the books refers to the Roman Catholic Church
and their impact on policy making in these Latin American control. The book is reliable
coming from a well know publishing company, Cambridge University Press. I plan to
utilize this background information in my introductory paragraphs. Since I already have
another book that deals with the Roman Catholic Church, I find that this book will be a
lot of repetitiveness on the subject. It also lacks focus on my research country, El
McCoy, Terry, ed. The Dynamics Of Population Policy in Latin America. Cambridge,
Mass.: Ballinger Publishing Company, 1974.
The book provides an in depth understanding on population policy in Latin America. The
author provides chapters consisting of politics, growth and problems involving
population. McCoy, the editor, seems to be credible. He provides works from other
scholars that are cited in the back of the book. So far I have found two chapters, two and

seven, that discuss that foundation of policies such as abortion. I plan on using these
chapters to help me write my introduction and background for the abortion laws in El
Pullen, Tessa. "Abortion Crisis in El Salvador." Nouse. October 10, 2014. Accessed
October 29, 2014. http://www.nouse.co.uk/2014/10/10/abortion-crisis-in-el-salvador/.
The article produced by Tessa Pullen provides a brief break down on whats going on
with El Salvadors abortion laws. Pullen adds the history of the abortion laws and their
stems, what the laws have lead to, the consequences women face and the current situation
on tackling the problem. Although Nouse is a student-run news provider; its the
University of Yorks largest and most known media outlet as well as being nationally
acclaimed. Even though the article doesnt go too much into detail, it provides me with
an overview on the abortion crises in El Salvador. The article is helpful in providing me
with broad information but I dont really see myself quoting on it too much in my paper.
Provost, Claire. "El Salvador: Meet the Women Who Dare to Challenge the Anti-abortion
State." The Guardian. April 17, 2014. Accessed October 31, 2014.
This online article focuses on the actions women in El Salvador are taking. The author
adds several different campaigns who are all voicing their concern for the abortion laws
in the country. The source comes from The Guardian which is a new source that has won
the Pulitzer prize before. This article will definitely fit well with my research. I plan to
have my body paragraphs really focus on women and their opinions on the matter and to
also provide the actions that many campaigns are in the process of doing.