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Legend of the Butterfly Lovers


Zhu Yingtai was a young lady, of the noble Zhu

family, who convinces her father to let her go to

school. At this time, only boys went to school, so she
had to dress up as a boy. At the school, she met a boy
named Liang Shanbo. She shared a room with him
for the next four years and soon fell in love with him.

But Liang Shanbo was a diligent student and didnt

notice Zhu Yingtais advances. To Liang, they were

just very close friends. One day, Zhu Yingtai receives
a letter from her parents, telling her that she had to
return home immediately. Liang Shanbo walks with
her for 17 miles before turning back.

During their walk, Zhu Yingtai makes hints that she

is a woman and that she wants to spend the rest of

her life with Liang Shanbo. He doesnt realize this.
She makes him promise to visit her in her home. He
agrees, and they part ways.

Months later, Liang Shanbo visits Zhu Yingtai and

finally confesses her love to him. They fall in love.

They promise to spend the rest of their lives with

each other. However, Zhu Yingtais parents tell her

that theyve already arranged to have her marry
another man. Liang Shanbo is heartbroken and
starts to waste away.

The day of Zhu Yingtais marriage to the other man,

a mysterious whirlwind blows through town and

delays the wedding. Zhu Yingtai leaves the wedding
to visit Liang Shanbo but finds that hes dead. Shes
very sad.

She cries to the gods to open up his grave so that she

can see him for one last time. His grave mysteriously
opens and she falls in. Moments later, they turn into
butterflies and fly away, together at last.