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It is possible to display a message on the requisition based on a cross reference for

your item. These are the steps for creating the disposition messages.
1) Navigate to Purchasing > Items > Cross Reference
2) Enter a Cross Reference type (any name) and in the value give a message that need
to be disposed while placing the item on the requisition
3) Then set the value of the profile 'PO: Item Cross Reference Warning' to the 'Cross
set up earlier at either the responsibility/application/site level as applicable
4) Now start creating a requisition and choose the item and tab out. A message like
'Cross Reference Type: Cross Reference Value' will be displayed.
5) For example, it may be something like 'Vendor Item Number: CS234456' OR
'Hazard Class: Inflammable Item'
6) 'Display Disposition Messages' check box should be checked in Purchasing
7) Create a new requisition with the above item. The disposition message will appear.
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