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Select-Arcs New Electrode Line

and Reputation for Quality...

Select-Arc, Inc. has earned
an outstanding reputation
in the industry as a manufacturer of premium quality
tubular welding electrodes
for carbon and low alloy
steel welding.
Now Select-Arc has
expanded its range of
exceptional products
with the introduction
of a complete line of
austenitic, martensitic
and ferritic stainless
steel electrodes. Both
the new SelectAlloy
and Select stainless
steel wires deliver the
superior feedability, superb welding charac-

teristics, consistent deposit

chemistry and excellent
overall performance you
have come to expect from
The chart below shows
that SelectAlloy flux cored

electrodes higher deposition rates improve productivity and reduce welding

SelectAlloys smooth bead
contour, easy peeling slag,
minimal spatter, closely
controlled weld deposit
compositions and metal
soundness deliver additional savings.
The Select 400-Series
metal cored electrodes
offer the same advantages as SelectAlloy and
are ideally suited for
difficult-to-weld applications, such as auto
exhaust systems.

Discover for yourself the

many benefits of specifying
Select-Arcs new premium
stainless steel electrodes. Call
us today at 1-800-341-5215
or you can visit our website
at www.select-arc.com for
more information.

600 Enterprise Drive

P.O. Box 259
Fort Loramie, OH 45845-0259
Phone: (937) 295-5215
Fax: (888) 511-5217