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Piedmont CASA Board of Directors Meeting

Dec. 10, 2014, Jefferson, GA

Minutes of Board Meeting

Board members attending: Charm McCall, Bob Derrick, Tom Murphy, Jennifer Losquadro, Faye Spicer, Liz Elegreet,
Stacey Doughty, Steve Wittry, and Steve Quinn

Board members absent: Joe Vogt, Mark Owen, David Gussio, Amber Wall, and Tabitha Gooch
1. Call to Order: 12:06 p.m. by Chairman Charm McCall and announced a quorum present.
Welcome by Chairman Charm McCall. Charm introduced guests and others attending: Annette Bates,
Judge Guidry, and Volunteer Representative Carol Land
2. Adoptions update: Annette gave board members an update on recent adoptions. A 15 year old was
adopted, as was her twin (by two different families), and that it was especially satisfying to see the
adoption of older children. Another group of three children were adopted after three years in foster care.
A nine year old with special needs who was in foster care for four years was adopted; her CASA helped her
pick out a special dress for her adoption party.
Judge Guidry spoke on the challenges of some new changes as a result of the Juvenile Justice
Code implementation. He mentioned the resignation of Tracie Malcolm as his assistant, and the
hiring of Rebecca Boles, and two yet-to-be-hired people to replace Rebecca in her current duties
and to take half of Tracies old responsibilities.
The Judge mentioned the creation of a new Community Rehabilitation Center in Winder, which
may take as long as 3 years to be fully functional, and which will be funded by both grants and
3. Consent Agenda Charm asked if there should be any items removed from the consent agenda. Hearing
none, she called for a motion to approve the consent agenda as follows:
a. Minutes from Board of Directors Meeting on 10/1/14
b. Executive Directors Report
c. Cash Flow Report
Motion was made by Bob Derrick, seconded by Jennifer Losquadro, to approve the Consent Agenda as
distributed. None opposed. Motion carried.
4. There was no old business to be addressed.
6. New business
a. Chairmans report: Charm announced that due to job constraints, Tabitha would be
replaced by Liz as the publicity chair, but remain on the publicity committee. Charm will also seek
nominations to replace Tabitha as Vice Chair for the same reason.

b. Annette announced that a date had not been firmed up for the Volunteer Appreciation Party. Friday
January 16, was mentioned, however it falls before the MLK holiday weekend.
It was suggested that Tracie Malcolm be the guest of honor. The board will be kept informed as to the
date of this event.
c. Letter of Resignation of David Gussio was read by Charm. Davis is relocating within the state, but
outside of our region.
Motion was made by Bob Derrick, seconded by Jennifer Losquadro to accept Davids resignation. None
opposed. Motion carried.
7. Committee Reports
a. HeART for Children, Heart for Chocolate Gala 2015:
Jennifer met with the committee the previous week. They decided that the top two sponsors/donors
would each have an opportunity to address attendees at the event. They discussed the creation of a
couple of subcommittees for details such as event program/time management and volunteer
management. Amber and Jennifer also met to discuss special guests/speakers such as adoptive
parents from recent CASA adoptions. There will be some changes in the function itself this year such as
new requirements for the bar to be outside.
b. Development: Discussion of annual campaign: Tom addressed the opportunity to purchase
Entertainment 2015 Coupon Books online with the Sponsor Host Funopolis donating 25% of the
purchase price to Piedmont CASA.
The annual board Commitment form was addressed, along with the individual Board Member
contribution requirement for our Grant acquisition and retention.
After Bob conducted an assessment and review of donations secured by our written annual
campaign(s) in 2012, 2013, and 2014, it was decided that our efforts and energies would be better
spent this year in securing sponsorships and paid participation in Heart for Children 2015.
8. Next Meeting Date 12:00 noon January 14, 2015, South State Bank, Winder
Charm thanked the board for their support for her, Larry, and Larrys family during their recent
family crisis.
9. Motion for Adjournment
Motion made by Stacey Doughty and seconded by Faye Spicer to adjourn the meeting.
All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

Bob Derrick, Secretary

bodpcasa.weebly.com Charm