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Year 3, Semester 2 Teaching Practice 3b

The purpose of this form is to provide an assessment report of the student's work in the
This report is to be filled in by the Supervising School Teacher (SST)
Name of student:

Halima Abdulla Husain Ahmed

Course: Teaching Practice 3b

Year: Three


Name of school:Qubaa School

Supervising School Teacher:Moza Ahmed Al Hebsi
Absence dates / reasons: No Absents
Year levels with which the student teacher worked, special characteristics, nature and size of groups, and a
brief description of what the student teacher did (e.g.content topics)

A year 6,8 each class have more than 25 girls.

Haleema has taught an IT classes, in different topics and in many creative ways
For college use only
Dates of Teaching Practice: 19/10 12/11
Dates on which absences are to be made up: -

Holistic Grade:Excellent
Supervising School Teacher

Moza Ahmed Al Hebsi


16 / 11 / 2014


Halima Abdulla Husain Ahmed Almansoori

After the report has been read and discussed please sign. *Denotes that the student teacher
has read and discussed this report with the supervising teacher. This does not necessarily
mean the student agrees with the report

SST Feedback to student teacher B. Ed. (ELTS) : Halima Abdulla Husain Ahmed
Year 3, Semester 2 Teaching Practice 3b
Category A Knowledge and Understanding of Content
Demonstrated a sound knowledge of assessment practices and policies used in the school
Demonstrated a sound understanding of the content, purpose, scope and structure of the IT curriculum

Category B Planning for learning

Planned tasks for the whole class, groups and individuals which challenge all students
Set appropriate and demanding expectations for learning, motivation and presentation of work
Identified learners who have special educational needs, are very able, and are weak in IT

Category C Implementing and Managing Learning

Employed a range of strategies which engaged all learners
Integrated the four skill areas where appropriate
Instructions, explanations , written feedback and questioning are appropriate, effective, mainly accurate, and well-paced &
Encouraged all learners to think and talk about their learning and develop independence
Monitored and intervened with increased confidence, when teaching to ensure sound learning and management
Set high expectations for learners behavior
Established and maintained a purposeful working atmosphere

Category D Monitoring and Assessment of Learning

Provided appropriate feedback to children to enhance learning and encourage co-operative behavior
Assessed and recorded each learner's progress through observation, questioning, testing and marking
Used different kinds of assessments appropriately for different purposes
Demonstrated a knowledge of the assessment and reporting requirements within The Ministry of Education

Category E Professionalism
Developed a positive, caring approach with learners
Established effective working relationships with professional colleagues
Category F Critical Reflection
Evaluated their own teaching critically and used this to improve their effectiveness

Effective listener to the students and motive them to answer by using educational games and she knows how to ask and answer
questions during the lesson
She used impressive learning techniques

Areas for improvement


General Comments
She was excellent in planning, preparing and delivering effective teaching and learning programs for every student in the class

Comments by Student