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RAJASTHAN NURSING COUNCIL I" year G.N. M. Examination January, 2013 Time: 3 Hrs. Paper-IV ‘Max. Marks: 75 Community Health Nursing - I Note: Any Five question are to be answered. Allquestions carry equal marks. Shes | eginfaneatceawtires miners sie ene Define Community Health Nursing. Write the responsibilities of Nurse in Primary Health Care. 5+10 mrgfate tear aftin at afterer ferfia | wraftrer rareca cena a ae a sear ferhaT | 9.2" Write Short Notes on any tifee 54545 L farttdtare femora (a)Referral System errsorett (b) Family Health Services wRarreareertand, (©) Standing Orders. ‘earetraniget (Clinics frees Q3. What doyouknow about disease? Describe epidemiological traid in detail. S+10 ‘erarantd omeceararst 8? eftestetrarrse (arsenal em ere woke Qe Write Short Notes on following. 343434343 revere femoh Ra (a)Health Promotion raeorgrania (b) Siums swettafeei( Fert) (©) Malnutrition ater (d) Fast Food wR (e)Computer and Health Education mega ea eareea fet Q'5. Define Home. What are the features of healthy homeenvironment? 5+10 weattaftererfereng! eee «_Q-6: What is Health Education ? Differentiate between health education and propaganda. Write the role ofnurse as a health teacher, 3+5+7 ‘arena 2 career are sewer rear ert we i a .7. Write Short Notes on foll . 34343434 QT. Writ joes on followings. 343 (a) Nutritional Counseling aafreweet (b) Dietin diabetes ‘wafatew® aren (c)Breast feeding z @LE.C. (©) Save Water Movement ; \Q8 Define Communication: Write the types of Communit How will you make your communication effective? . a ‘aera 7 eure enna ome reece erent?