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The Planets in Mundane Astrology

The Sun Signifies the head of the nation, the government or executive head. It rules the President,
King, Nobles, persons of distinction, influential political or business leaders, corporation heads. The
condition of the Sun reflects many things about the well-being of the nation and how it is viewed by
other nations. Difficult aspects show tensions.
The Moon Signifies the people, the masses, and the population as a whole. It rules women in
general and the manner in which they are regarded and treated. It represents popular public opinion. If
afflicted it shows unrest or discord among people. It has to do with the quality of life, water and food
supplies, natural resources, health, utilities and jobsconnected to public essentials. If in good aspect, the
Moon promotes peace, promises plentiful harvests, and indicates conditions of well-being for the
Mercury Signifies all forms of communication; newspapers, magazines, mail, speech, and all forms
of transportation and manner of travel by road, highway, railway, sea, or air. Mercury governs education
and intellectual trends, schools, and media events. In good aspect Mercury indicates high literacy rates,
satisfactory educational systems and free flowing information. If afflicted, Mercury may show high rates
of traffic fatalities or transportation accidents, or may mean suppression of information, problems
connected to teachers or young people.
Venus Signifies that which is pleasant and enjoyable such as the arts, entertainment, music and
other social pleasures, as well as diplomacy, decorum and ceremonial functions.. It is associated with
both peace (soft aspects) and with war, or involvement in negotiations leading to peace. It rules fashion
and glamour, artists and the feminine, aesthetics and cultural areas. It is connected with national
resources and finances through bankers, financial institutions and farming. Venus signifies young
women, courtship and marriage. An afflicted Venus may indicate cultural or artistic suppression, or
Mars Signifies military leaders, police, engineers, surgeons, people liable to die, militants,
agitators, incendiaries, criminals and crimes of violence. It rules men and signifies those who fight or
quarrel. It rules war and the armed forces. Mars shows areas under stress, according to sign, house and
aspects. In aspect to the Sun it can stir up commotions. When in favorable aspect it shows a firm but
balanced use of power. If overhead, it usually indicates that military matters come to the fore. Mars
transits through an Ingress often acts as a timer for action in regard to what was indicated in the chart.
Jupiter As a planet of benevolence, Jupiter often signifies good where it falls. As an expanding
force, it may mean increase or gains. It has to do with financial and traderelations globally. It rules
religion, the clergy, judges and the high courts. It rules treaties and borders between countries. Jupiters

favorable aspects promote peace and diplomacy. Afflicted, Jupiter may bring border disputes,
import/export problems, international predicaments, overproduction, or religious suppression.
Saturn Signifies land owners, farmers, mine operators, elderly persons, public buildings, national
calamities, scarcities. It rules minor state execs, law enforcement agencies, state run businesses and
corporations. Saturn represents the conservative side of society and governs justice, order, systems and
prudence. In a Lunation, Saturn often shows where there is the devil to pay, associated with misfortune
or lack, especially when angular or afflicted. If in favorable aspect Saturn stabilizes, strengthens,
promotes safety and thrift, indicating conservative actions and responsible attitudes.
Uranus Signifies air and rail transport, aeronautics, inventions, technology, electricityand radio
frequency industries, civic and labor organizations. Afflicted, Uranus can bring strikes or riots, upheavals,
revolution, lawlessness or protests. It may also bring air travel accidents, train derailments or explosions.
If impacting weather by falling on the cusp of the Fourth House or angular, it can mean tornadoes, high
winds, hurricanes, typhoons, severe lightning storms or earthquakes.
Neptune Signifies social movements, socialistic political movements, charities, socialized medicine
and hospitalization. It rules collective values, popular opinion fluctuations, utopian ideas and the little
people. It has to do with the conditions of the disadvantaged. It rules drugs and
pharmaceuticals, tobacco, alcohol, photography, oil, gas, petroleum, kerosene, and the oceans. An
afflicted Neptune may indicate political instability, collapse, elements of distortion, fraud or corruption.
If angular it may indicate landslides, marine disasters, dam breaks, tidal waves, gas leaks, contagion or
Pluto Signifies the mob psychology and power of the masses. It has to do with regeneration and
transformation and if in favorable aspect shows where improvements and better organization can come
about. Pluto often shows where there are complications though and if afflicted may indicate sociological
upheavals, power struggles, terrorism or corruption. Pluto rules nuclear power, plutonium, radium, zinc,
tungsten, nickel, infrared rays and lasers. Stressful aspects of Pluto may produce volcanoes,
earthquakes, oil spills, fires, war, mudslide, avalanches or anything which involves widespread death and
In reading a chart, if a house is empty, look to the ruler of the sign on the cusp and its aspects to define
the particulars about that house. Also note the aspects of the planet naturally ruling the house.
Each subject has multiple indicators. As an example, the financial affairs of a country can be read
through a study of the Second House, planets within, and through Venus, the natural ruler of the Second
house. For information on the subject of movement, transport or news retrieval, you can look to the

Third House as well as to Mercury. This same house has to do with neighborhood conditions, including
loss by storms so that utility outages may coincide with a badly afflicted Third House or Mercury.