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Name: _Katerin Gomez______________________________________


Military Careers Assignment

DIRECTIONS: Answer all questions in complete sentences. Change your responses to
another color or bold.
Part I: Before Research
1. Have you considered the military as an option after graduation?
I have not considered the military after graduation.
2. If yes, what branch are you thinking about?
If no, why have you not considered the military?
I have not considered the military because I have been told that in the military the training is
harsh and aggressive and the military can deploy you to other parts of the country far away
from home such as Germany or Iraq.
3. From what sources have you built your opinion on military careers? (Family, friends, TV shows,
news, etc.)
Our family friend is in the army and has gone to war. He told us it was traumatizing and that
he has lost many of his friends in battle. Also my brother in law is in the Air-force but he is the
guard of a base. He told me when he was in Texas training his officers would yell at you and
you had to wake up around 4 in the morning to change in less than 5 minutes and start

Part II: Research

In this section, you will go to the website for the Army, Navy, Marines, or Air Force to
research information about different jobs available not everyone is a front-line soldier!
Fill in information on the table provided in your own words!
**Note the Armys website is the easiest to navigate to find details about specific jobs.



Helpful Skills

Animal Care
They are responsible
for preventing and
controlling diseases
passed on from an
animal to a person.
You would first need
10 weeks of combat
training then after
those weeks are
completed an
additional 11 weeks of
individual training
while practicing
animal care
You need to have
some interest in
science and
Also you must like
to help people
Also you must have
the ability to work
under pressure or
during emergency

Radiology Specialist

Pharmacy Specialist

They are responsible

for controlling X-ray
and other equipment
applied in diagnosing
and handle injuries
and diseases
It is required to have
10 weeks of combat
training and 24 weeks
of individual training
that incorporate
radiological appliances

They are accountable

for prescribing drugs
and medicines. While
preserving pharmacy
supplies and records.

Have enthusiasm
for algebra biology
and other sciences
Be attentive to
details and able to
follow procedures
Appreciate helping
other people

Requires 10 weeks of
combat training and
19 weeks of individual
training and
Enthusiastic for
biology, chemistry,
math, physiology
and anatomy
Practiced in
Capability to follow
orders and

Name: _Katerin Gomez______________________________________

situations and act


Required ASVAB

Skilled Technical: 91

Skilled Technical: 106

Skilled Technical: 95

Future Civilian

It will help you prepare

to become a
Veterinarian or
assistant at an animal
hospital. A
certification as an
assistant laboratory
animal technician may
be granted if you
continue your studies
and practice.
Health care
Nutrition care
Veterinary Food

These skills can

prepare a career as an
X-ray technologist or a
nuclear medicine
technologist in
hospitals or clinics and
other medical

This can help you

prepare to become an
assistant in
pharmacies, drug
stores and hospitals. If
you continue your
studies you can
become a certified
pharmacy technician.

Related Jobs

Health Care
Operating Room

Health Care
Operating Room

Part III Response

4. Which of the 3 military jobs would you like best? Why?
I prefer the Radiology Specialist out of the three military jobs because it is the career path I
want to follow in the future. Also I like helping people and this career is the one Im interested
5. Did you know that this job existed before? Or, are you surprised that it exists?
I knew that in the army you can become a nurse or doctor but I never knew this job in the
army existed. Also that this job can help you prepare a career in X-Ray technologists. You
dont even need to go to a 4 year college to become a Radiology specialist. In only a few
months you can become a radiology specialist.
6. Now that youve looked into this career, do you think it might be a good option for you? Weigh
the pros and cons of military service, government benefits, and being able to transition into a
civilian career with the other paths to the career (usually college).
I believe that this job is not a good option for me. Some pros of this job is that I will receive
government benefits such as medical benefits. Also I would receive money for my food supply.
Also I would have a job in the military faster than I would get a degree in college. To become a
radiologist it takes at least 4 years of medical school 2-4 years of college. The cons would be
that in order to have this job in the army I would have to attend 10 weeks of combat training.
I rather attend college and get a degree a radiology even though its a longer career path.
Also I dont want to be far away from home and I dont want to be deployed far away and
possibly witness dead bodies.