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Honors English 9 Syllabus

Monticello High School
What a miracle it is that out of these small, flat, rigid squares of paper unfolds world after world
after world, worlds that sing to you, comfort and quiet or excite you. Books help us understand
who we are and how we are to behave. They show us what community and friendship mean; they
show us how to live Anne Lamott


Mrs. Endres
Phone: 434.244.3100 Ext. 61109

E-mail: dendres@k12albemarle.org

Course Overview: In Honors English 9, we:

read, analyze, and interpret great works of world literature and contemporary
fiction and nonfiction texts,
think critically and creatively in order to engage in inquiry- and project-based
learning, and
write in multiple genres for diverse audiences.
We study world literature (see the attached book list for selections) which has
contributed significantly to the thinking and development of humankind so that we
can deepen our understanding of these literary works in their cultural and
historical contexts. Through our studies, we will seek to know the enduring human
values consistent throughout time and place which unite literary traditions as well
as human beings. Some of the essential questions we will try to answer are:
How does culture affect literature and art, and vice versa?
What makes art and literature timeless?
How do literature and art reflect and/or challenge the values of a
How does the literature and art of the cultures that came before us
connect to modern cultures and to us personally?
Our ultimate guiding question will be

What knowledge can we gain from literature and from our own symbolic
expressions that matters to our 21st century lives?
Although students will not be tested on the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) in
9th grade English, our semester is divided into units of study that fully support the
Virginia SOLs and the Albemarle County Curriculum. Students will take English
SOL tests in the 10th and 11th grades.
Skills: In addition to honing literacy skills, such as reading critically and writing
with purpose, you will also develop the essential skills of
Oral Communication: The key skill areas in oral communication are speaking,
listening, and group cooperation. Work in English 9 involves many formal and
informal oral presentations throughout the semester, giving you many opportunities
to collaborate with peers.
Research: You will complete brief research projects and papers this semester. In
these research assignments, you will focus on:
finding appropriate and accurate resources in both print and electronic
organizing your research into coherent presentations;
using proper documentation in MLA format to cite your sources; and
developing a clear understanding of plagiarism and how and why it is to be
Independent Reading: You are expected to develop your individual reading tastes
through choice independent reading this semester. During silent, sustained reading
in class and sometimes for homework, you will read books and authors you gravitate
toward for your edification and entertainment. You will also be asked to complete
three Independent Reading (IR) projects throughout the semester.
Journaling: You will be expected to keep an electronic journal in this classroom. A
guide will be handed out to help you set up this journal. Expect to be writing in your
journal several times per week!
Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics: A key element of improving your writing is
refining and improving your skills in grammar, usage, and mechanics (G.U.M.) You
will do this work largely in the context of authentic process writing, but also during
Warm-up mini-lessons and regular skill work. Periodic quizzes will measure your
mastery of G.U.M skills.
Vocabulary: You will study vocabulary in the context of the literature you read and
through mini-lessons on etymology and derivation. Regular quizzes will measure
your mastery of vocabulary.

Media Literacy: You will produce, analyze, and evaluate media messages in order to
determine purpose, recognize bias, and understand effects on audiences. We live in
a world of media saturation. In the 21st century, a critical perspective on media is
an important literacy (and survival!) tool.

Class Rules and Expectations:

1. Come to class on time, prepared, and ready to learn. Bring the following to
class daily:
- MHS planner
- Three-ringed binder with three sections
- Loose leaf paper
- Blue/black pen and/or pencil and optional highlighter
- Homework
- Book for Independent Reading
- MOHS-issued digital device
2. Turn in all assigned work complete, on time, and done to the very best of your
- Take pride in what you do.
- Turn in work that is your own. Do not let other students copy
your work. Work that is copied or has been copied will not be
accepted and will receive a zero. Rigorously follow the MHS
Honor Code.
3. Treat yourself, others, and school property with respect.

When someone is talking, dont interrupt.

Raise your hand if you have a question or something to add.
Disagree in an agreeable way.
Treat classroom materials, other peoples stuff, and furniture
with care. Clean up the area around you daily.

4. Behave in a safe and responsible manner.

5. Enjoy learning!

Consequences for problem behavior:
1. Warning. Student will be asked to stop the disruptive behavior.
2. If the students behavior is disrupting the class, student will be asked to
take a Time Out. At a break in instruction, I will conference with the
student privately to determine a plan of action to correct the problem
behavior. Student will be invited to rejoin the class.
3. Parent/guardian will be contacted.
4. Discipline Referral. Parent/guardian will be contacted. Administrative
5. Severe behavior: Discipline Referral and immediate trip to the office!
Rewards for positive behavior:
1. The joy, satisfaction, and pride of doing a good job!
2. A positive, safe environment in which to work!
3. Surprises throughout the year!

Class Policies and Procedures:

Participation: Expect to participate in class discussions and activities. Your
engagement allows you to develop and test your own understanding and to sharpen
your oral communication skills. Please see attached Class Participation Rubric.
Homework: You will often be required to read literature as assigned for the next
class period. Reading check quizzes will follow these homework assignments, as
they will be the prerequisite for the next days activities. If a student does not
complete a homework assignment, he or she will be asked to come to Mustang
Morning to complete it. Students will be expected to complete class work at home if
they have not used their class time wisely. Ongoing writing assignments and longterm projects will also require students to complete some work at home.
Assessment: Your work, growth, and progress toward understanding and mastery
of skills will be measured frequently through a variety of means (tests, quizzes,
formal and informal discussions, presentations, projects, independent reading,
formal and informal writing assignments, homework, classwork, and participation).
A test, paper, or project will be used to assess progress at the end of each unit of
Grading Percentage Distribution:

90% 100%
80% 89%
70% - 79%
60% - 69%
Below 60%


Missing and Late Work: When you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to make
arrangements for completion of missed work. You will be expected to check the
absent binder, and you will be expected to make up work within five days of
returning to school. Late work will not be accepted for full credit. If you turn in an
assignment late, you will receive a 10 percent grade reduction for each day the
assignment is late down to 50 percent. For example, the best grade you can earn for
an essay thats two days late is an 80 percent. After five days, no late assignments
will be accepted.
Electronic Devices: All pocket-sized electronic devices brought into the classroom
such as phones and IPods must out of sight in the classroom. They should be put
away in your bags. School policy is that if your phone or electronic device is being
used at an inappropriate time, the teacher has the right to take the device away and
send it to the office. I will do the following things if I see you using your phone or
another electronic device during class without permission:
1. Warning- you will have the opportunity to put your phone away and keep it
out of site.
2. Take your phone- I will take your phone and place it in the classroom
phone bin for the rest of class if I see it being used without
permission after your initial warning.
3. If this happens repeatedly, your phone will be sent to the office, or greater
measures will be taken if this is an entire class issue.
MHS Honor Code: All students will be expected to rigorously follow the Monticello
High School honor code. Cheating, stealing, plagiarism, lying, forgery, and abuses
of technology will not be tolerated.
Parent Portal:
Please make sure you receive your access to the parent portal. This online program
allows students and parents to view grades. Grades will be updated on a weekly
basis. Since grades will fluctuate with each grade entered, it is suggested that
parents choose one day a week to check a students grade.
Online Classroom:
By accessing www.mrsendresclassroom.weebly.com, you will be able to access
assignments, journal prompts, and other resources to help you in this class!