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Jazz music originated from and was

created by black Americans in the early

20th century.
Jazz music is the name for many
different styles of music including
Blues, Swing and Ragtime.

Solo instruments commonly used in Jazz

music are:

The RHYTHM SECTION plays the chords and

keeps the beat behind the soloists. This usually
consists of a Bass, Drumkit, Piano and sometimes
a Guitar.

Created by black Americans in the early

20th Century. Usually features syncopation
and improvisation.

To show your understanding of Jazz Music,

you can use the following concepts:
Jazz Band, name Jazz Instruments
you can hear, Off the Beat,
(Syncopation N4), Improvisation,

The Blues started as Black American folk

music developing from spirituals and work
songs. This music was inspired by hard
times and slavery. For this reason, Blues
music usually sounds slow and sad. It is
usually in 4/4 time.

Black American folk music in 4/4 time

which often sounds sad.

To show your understanding of Blues

Music, you can use the following concepts:
Name Blues Instruments you can hear,
(voice & guitar) Slow, Repetition,
Improvisation, Chords

Rock is the generic term for a style of music

that evolved from Rock n Roll. Rock music is
associated with driving beats and instruments
such electric guitars, bass guitar and drums.

A style of popular music with a heavy,

driving beat. Usually features electric
guitar, bass guitar, drum kit and vocals.

To show your understanding of Rock Music,

you can use the following concepts:
Name Rock Instruments you can hear,
(Electric guitar, drum kit, solo vocal) 4
beats in the bar, riff, repetition.

Disco is a genre of music which was popular from the

mid to late 1970s. Its initial audiences were clubgoers from the African American, Latino and Italian
American communities in New York City and
Philadelphia during the late 1960s and early 1970s.
Disco also was a reaction against the domination of
rock music at the time.

Disco music usually has an up-beat tempo with 4 beats

in a bar, as it was music for people to dance to.
It is also usually in a Major key and features a lot of
repetition, including Ostinato and Riff.
In most disco tracks, strings, horns, electric pianos,
and electric guitars create a lush background sound.

Listen out for the strings and

electric guitar in this excerpt.

Orchestral instruments such as the flute

and violin are often used for solo
melodies, and it was less important to
feature a lead guitar in disco than in other
genres like Rock. Many disco songs employ
the use of electronic instruments such as

What orchestral instrument is playing the

solo towards the end of this excerpt?

Prominent musicians of this genre include:

The Bee Gees
The Jackson 5
Donna Summer
Gloria Gaynor

Popular in the 70s, this was upbeat,

popular music intended for dancing at
discos and clubs.

To show your understanding of Disco

Music, you can use the following concepts:
Name Disco Instruments you can hear,
(synthesizer, vocal) dance music,
upbeat, quick tempo

Dry a signal that has not had an effect

added to it.

Wet a signal that has an effect added to

it. (Reverb, delay, distortion etc)

Distortion / Overload - The rasping,

grating sound when too high a setting is
used. OR a desired effect on instruments
like an electric guitar.