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Birth In Anuradha Nakshtra

Anuradha Nakshatra: Spread from 3:20' to 16"40' Vrscika Rashi. Lord is Mang al, Symbol - the
same as that of Visakha. Visakha and Anuradha are complimentary to each other. From
Anuradha is derived friendship, love, affection and other tender feature of a person's
character. From Visakha is considered the ultimate objective while from Anuradha is indicated
the 'action'. The difference between Visakha and Anuradha is that while the Visakha-native
forgets after success about benefits derived as also the persons who helped, the Anuradhanative retains soft feeling about them, he keeps his friendship intact and does not forget the
benefits. The Anuradha-native's mind is always alive and receptive to all feelings and gestures
of friendship and love. He is like the sentinel always a mounting guard over emotions, but
lacking the hardness or toughness of the official sentinel.
Those born in the star Anuradha are interested in women, with commendable complexion of
the body, bewildered, idle and weak minded. They are famous, experts in arts, and destroyers
of their enemies. They are servers of king, brave, stationed in countries other than their own,
handsome, and destroyers of their sins. They are truthful, respect kings, respect their mothers
and are musicians. They enjoy life and go after other women. They are fit for friendship, kind
hearted, of helping nature, intelligent, enjoyers and travellers.
They are endowed with few children, lovers of peace, givers of food, famous and respected by
kings. They are good conversationalists, obedient, always advisers, full of pride and forget the
help rendered by others, aged looking, stingy, untruthful, bad persons and bereft of relatives,
are those born in the first pada.