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Physical appearance, soul, ego, status, dignity, power, authority, government, courage, father, king, leadership, nobility, achievement. Physical attributes Head, heart,
vitality, circulation right eye. Ruling sign Leo. Gemstone Ruby.

Mother, women, perceptual mind, emotions, nurturing, feeling, family, the public, protecting. Physical attributes Lungs, breasts, stomach, womb, left eye. Ruling sign
Cancer. Gemstone Pearl.

Intellect, speech, education, communication, writing, language, discrimination, logic, marketing, intelligence, understanding, knowledge. Physical attributes Nervous
system, skin, mouth, arms, hands. Ruling signs Gemini & Virgo. Gemstone Emerald.

Wife, marriage, love, women, partners, beauty, art, gems, jewelry, flowers, pleasure, music, harmony, relationships, cooperation, singing, creativity. Physical attributes
Face, kidneys, reproductive system. Ruling signs Taurus & Libra. Gemstone Diamond.

Conflicts, sexuality, brothers, accidents, fire, surgery, police, military, courage, energy, independence, adventure, discord. Physical attributes Blood, muscles, stamina,
strength. Ruling signs Aries & Scorpio. Gemstone Red coral.

Teacher, guru, children, husband, religion, meditation, wealth, faith, hope, devotion to God, holy places, pilgrimages, optimism, expansion, law, growth, good fortune, foreign
travel. Physical attributes Liver, fat, spleen. Ruling signs Sagittarius & Pisces. Gemstone Yellow sapphire.
Authority figures, structure, responsibility, organization, death, loss, misfortune, calamities, separation, limitations, stability, perseverance, agriculture, mining, conservation,
preservation. Physical attributes Bones, nerves, teeth, chronic illness. Ruling signs Aquarius & Capricorn. Gemstone Blue sapphire.
RAHU (North node of the Moon)
Worldly desires, material karma, psychology, foreign lands, fear, doubt, crime, drugs, alcohol, insanity, separation, adversities, harsh speech, attachment, unorthodoxy,
addictions. Physical attributes Chronic illness, mental illness, toxicity. Gemstone Hessonite garnet.
KETU (South node of the Moon)
Spiritual liberation, mystical experience, perception, change, occult studies, astrology, rejection, accidents, sleep, dreams, psychic ability, confusion, loss, seclusion,
detachment, past life qualities. Physical
attributes Mental confusion, accidents.
Gemstone Cats eye.