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Joo Silva

We can save water in

many ways and one can
be turn off the tap
when we are putting
shampoo , soap , ...
We can turn off the
light when we do not
need it ... when we
have the light of day is
connect the lamp.
Joo Silva
3th grade


Francisco Gomes

The mill rotates the

The electricity goes
to the post and
finally goes to the
houses, cars, traffic
lights and more.
Francisco Gomes
3 th grade


The electric drone works

using solar energy to the
machines to take for by the
electrical poles .
Sometimes it is necessary to
have an alternate plane
because the drone can
explode or burn with the
sun's strength. The drone
measuring several meters , is
made of steel and is
luxurious ... 8000.000.000
costs and can walk to
800,000 Km .
Afonso Gouveia
3th grade

Joo Heleno

It is built by the sea a lot

that has some electric
poles , on railings take
the floor and placed in the
lanes of aircraft lights
along the railing . The fans
are in the sea to push the
water come up. When the
water comes up, falls on
the lights , the lights rise
and give electricity.
Joo Heleno
3th grade

Martim Lobo