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Tutor: Katie Oller

Student Name: Makensey W.

Date/Session #: 7 (October 13, 2014)

Purpose: The student will practice using familiar and new text and writing sorts to learn and practice blends.
Familiar Reading: Retelling stories
stories with accuracy and fluency.

SOL: Reading 2.8J The student will retell

Objective: The student will reread a section of Sally Doesnt Get Dinner with accuracy and fluency.
Activity: The teacher will pick a portion of the book for the student to reread that demonstrates blends. The
student will red with accuracy and fluency.
Materials: Level J: Sally Doesnt Get Dinner
Procedure: 1. The teacher will ask the student to read a portion of the leveled text that demonstrates blends.
2. Student will read assigned portion of text with teacher monitoring fluency and accuracy.
Running Record: N/A


Word Work: Blend Word Sort

blends to spell and read words

Text Level:

Independent Instructional


Book Level:

SOL: Reading 2.5 Use knowledge of

Objective: The student will sort word blends beginning with br tr gr fr cr wr dr pr and bl.
Activity: Word Sort
Materials: Word Sort cards
Procedure: 1. The teacher will ask the student to read aloud cards as they are sorting the words under the
correct heading.

Writing: Blends
spell commonly used sight words.

SOL: Writing 2.13 Student will correctly

Objective: The student will use selected diagraph sight words to write their own story with illustrations.
Activity: Writing Blends
Materials: Selected blends, paper, pencil, markers.
Procedure: 1. The teacher will select blends that students struggled with during writing sort and ask them to
write a story using all the blends selected.
2. Student will write story and complete illustrations.
New Text: Leveled Book

SOL: Reading

Other: Assessments
Objective: The student will complete the QRI reading samples and answer questions about them for
Activity: The examiner will explain the directions and ask concept questions before letting the student read
the sample, and follow by asking the student to retell and answer comprehension questions.
Materials: QRI page: 184 The Brain and the Five Senses. Teacher assessment forms.
Procedure: 1. Teacher will ask concept questions prior to asking the student to read the narrative.
2. The student will read the narrative.
3. The teacher will ask the student to retell the narrative.
4. The teacher will read questions for the narrative and record results.
Anecdotal Information/Comments:
Today at a glance:
1. Student will complete the QRI Reading samples
2. Student will work on Familiar Reading
3. Student will work on word work.
4. Student will complete writing activity.
5. Student will begin new leveled book.
*Student will only complete #2/5 if the QRI reading samples are completed.