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(Bioterrorism Act)(Patent and
Trademark Act)(Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

(City and County

(US District Court)(US Tax Court)Circuit


Court of Appeal(Supreme
Court)(State Court of Appeal)(State
Supreme Court)
(US Supreme Court)

(US Circuit Court of Appeals)

(US Court of Appeals for

the Fed Circuit)

(US Tax court)

(US District Ct)

(US Ct of International Trade)

(US Court Fed. Claims)

: ()

(State Supreme Ct)

(Intermediate Appellate Courts)


(Superior Court)

(County Court of Limited Jurisdiction)

(Municipal Court)

(Diversity of Citizenship)


() Complaint filing, service of process & defendants

filing of answer or pre-answer motions

(pre-answer motions)(motion
for default judgment)(enter judgment in default)


12b(2) - 12b(5)



deposition)(request for admission)

(non-privileged information)




(a valid final judgment)(
(default judgment)(summary judgment))

() (Remand)


(litigator)(transactional lawyer)