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Name: __________ Surname: ________ Number: ___ Class: ___ Form:___


A) Write the name of each room.



B) Complete with the correct form of there to be

1. _______________________ three bedrooms in the house? No, _______________________
2. _______________________ two bathrooms in the house.
3. _______________________ a bathroom downstairs.
4. _______________________ an attic upstairs.
5. _______________________ a garage.
6. _______________________ a cupboard in the kitchen? Yes, _______________________
7. _______________________ a big mirror in the dining room
8. _______________________ two armchairs in the living room.
9. _______________________ a study in the attic.
10._______________________ seven chairs in the kitchen.
C) Answer these questions about the house.
1.Is there a study downstairs?
2.Is there a garage?


3.Are there two bathrooms in the house?

4.Are there pictures in the bedrooms?
5.Are there six chairs in the dining room?
6.How many bedrooms are there in the house?


7.How many chairs are there in the living room?

D) Ask the questions.
a)How many cars are there in the garage?

There is one.

b)_______________________________________________? There is one (chimney).

c) _______________________________________________? There are two (beds).
d)_______________________________________________? Yes, there is (an attic).
e)_______________________________________________? Yes, there are (two mirrors).
f) _______________________________________________? No, there isnt (a hall).
g)_______________________________________________? No, there arent (two sofas).
E- Complete with A /An / The


____________ Mary is from ____________ England. Shes got ________________

brother and _________
two sisters. They live with ___________their family in ______________ small, but
__________ very
comfortable cottage near


London. Mary has lots of

____________hobbies. She likes

_____________ tennis and she plays _______________ piano. Marys

family has

________________ big
garden. Mary always takes her dog for ________________ walk in _______________
garden. ____________
dogs name is

______________ Charlie.

F- Complete with Some or Any

1- There are ____________ wild flamingos in Canada.
the bottle?

7- Is there _______________ water in

2-Are there ________________ bananas?

___________________ honey in the jar.

8-There is

3-Is there ______________ sugar?

9-There are _________________ coconuts on the tree.

4-Can I have ______________ water,

10-There arent _____________ mangoes in the fridge.
5-There isnt _______________ lemonade in the bottle.
1. There
is kitchen
a doll _________
theI sofa.
6-There arent ____________ chocolate biscuits
in the
must remember
to buy _________

2. There is a ball __________ the table.

3. There is an apple _________ the sofa.

4. There is a dog ____________ the table.

G- Complete using the correct prepositions of place. Use behind, between, in, on,
5. There is a robot ______________ the armchair
under, in front of, near
and the table
6. There is a ball ________________ the vase.
7. There is a table ____________ the sofa.
8. There is a toy car ____________ the armchair.