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Instrument 04 Rujukan: B2 DT2 E1


Unit 1: Things I Do
(Textbook: page 6, 4)
B2 DT2 Complete linear and non-linear texts.
B2 DT2 E1 Able to complete: (a) linear texts.


Look at the pictures. Choose the correct answers to complete

the texts.
[LS: 3.2.1]

washes his fathers car

piano lessons

has his breakfast

goes to the library

plays football with his friends

helps her mother with the housework

goes for karate practice

surfs the Internet

Kamal wakes up early every Sunday. He (1) ___________________________________________

at 7 oclock. In the afternoon, he (2) _________________________________

at 2 oclock.

Then, he (3) _______________________________________________________

at 5 oclock.

He (4) ______________________________

in the evening.

Elaine is a hard-working girl. She (5) ______________________

she goes for (6) _____________________________.

every Monday. On Wednesdays,

She (7) _______________________

to gain new knowledge on Saturdays. On Sundays, she

(8) _____________________________________________________________.

LS: 3.2.1

Able to complete: (a) linear texts.

English Year 3


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