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The Legend of Romulus & Remus

The ancient Romans loved to hear the

story of Romulus and Remus. In their
eyes, this story explained why Rome
had the right to rule.
According to the legend, Romulus and
Remus justified their right to rule
because their mother was a princess
and their father was the war god
The legend of Romulus and Remus
Rhea was married to Mars, the Roman
god of war. Rhea had twin sons. She
loved her boys, but there were plots
afoot by other gods and goddesses to
harm her father, herself, her husband,
and her children. To protect the boys,
she set them adrift on the river, hoping
someone would find them. Who would
not love such beautiful boys?
Sure enough, first they were found by
a she-wolf who fed them. Then a
shepherd and his wife adopted the
As the twins grew older, they decided
they did not want to take care of
sheep. They wanted to be kings. They
decided to build a city on the shores of
the Tiber. They both wanted to be the
only king. They quarreled. In a fit of
rage, Romulus picked up a rock, killed
his brother, and made himself king.
Thats how Rome started.