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Silent Marine



Marine engine mounts are specially
designed to isolate vibration and
structural noise transmission from
marine engines.
Our range of Marine Mountings prevents
vibration from travelling
through the boats structure

Why replacing them is

It is important to help maintain a wellfunctioning, healthy rubber vibration
mount because poor or worn out rubber
mountings can cause problems.
One problem is that the bearings and
gearboxes can become worn out, struts
loosen or transmission failure can occur.

Our Mounts
The Silent Marine mountings are
manufactured from High Performance
Rubber and Mild Steel plates.
Clear Zinc Plating to prevent rusting and
an internal bump/rebound control stop.
Also available in Stainless Steel for
corrosion resistance

Things you need to


As a guide to selecting the best type of

marine engine mount -you need to
1. The make/model of engine.
2. The number of engine mountings and
gearbox mounts required.
3. The number of cylinders it contains.
4. The mass of the engine and gearbox.
5. The existing mountings (if applicable).
6. The weight distribution and thrust
applied to the mounting.

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