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ReRe-heat (Afterburning)
~ Re-heat is a system fitted to a gas turbine engine as a means of increasing the total thrust
~ As much as twice the thrust can be obtained using reheat
~ Unfortunately it is extravagant with fuel so is suitable for brief periods of use only; nevertheless, re-heat
allows flexibility in handling
~ The only civil aircraft to have reheat is Concorde
~ The principle of re-heat is similar to that of the gas turbine engine itself i.e. thrust is obtained as a
reaction from accelerating a mass of air through the engine
~ Re-heat obtains extra thrust from accelerating the exhaust gases in the jet pipe behind the turbine
~ The exhaust gases contain oxygen provided by the un-burnt cooling air
~ By adding fuel and burning it, the exhaust gases can be re-heated to cause an increase in velocity with a
substantial gain in thrust
~ A ring of fuel burners is mounted in the jet pipe and fed with fuel from the aircraft tanks, so that the
exhaust acts like a ram jet