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The Nazi Holocaust claimed the lives of an estimated
eleven million people between 1939-1945. Six million of these
were Jews. This spring marks the 70th anniversary of the end
of the war and the final liberation of the camps.
Take some time this March to remember the victims
For the dead and the living
we must bear witness
- Elie Wiesel.

Mr. Martin Lowenberg, a Holocaust survivor, wil be on our campus to share his experiences of growing up in Nazi Germany.
Please join us for this emotional and educational event.

Lecture: Dr. Mehler
11am -IRC 109

Lecture: Dr. Di Raddo

7pm- STAR 120
Anyone with a disability who needs special accommodations
to attend this event should contact (591-2543 / vannetc@ferris.edu)
at least 72 hours in advance.


Awareness Event
All day- University Center
Guest of Honor: Martin Lowenberg
7:30 pm-BUS 111