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Balm aca (ans April 2011 , Issue 01 a aes Ve i Y e PRESENTED ByY=MOHIT KUMAR The Hacker News APRIL 2011 , Issue 01 200k A, Dear Reader, Warm welcome to Issue 01 - The first edition of ‘The Hacker News’ Magazine release for April-2011 ! The Hacker News official website was launched on ‘1st Nov-2010, and within 4 months with the support of all our Hackers Friends and readers we are succesfully able to create a platform for Hacking News Media. Our website with over a 15 lacs Visitors in last 4 Months is an online Hacker News Organisation. We propagate news specifically related to information security threats, Hacking threads and issues from all over the world. Our research teams search and com- pile news from tens of thousands of sites and 1000's of Hackers are connected to us as news source to bring you the most latest Hacking and Security News at one location. In addition to news, we host blogs and discussions, education videos, as well as Hacker News Organisation provide cyber services like Pentration Testing , Educational Seminars & Webinars Services and Web Development Services. Our Magazine Include all best Hacking & Security news of last month. Since Nov-2010 our news. portal aware lacs of people about the happening of Cyber World. We believe “Truth is the most Powerful weapon against Injustice” ,so our 1st edition is dedicated to Anonymous Hackers. suc- cessfully achieved. All this however,wouldn’t have be possible without YOU - our loyal.and.sup- portive readers ! It is you who provide us the most motivation to keep onpushifig the boundaries and to improve on each successive issue we will release, sogiHHANK YOU ! As always, feedback of any kind is greatly appreciated so don’thesitatestoidrop us a line if you have any suggestions or comments. Stay tuned for Issue 02 (May-2011) which will be released in May 2011 ! See you there and in thé’mean time, enjoy the issue! Mohit Kumar (Unix Root) , Editor in Chief. Visit the official website at www.thehackernews.com ‘The Hacker News’,Magazine contacts : Mohit Kumar, Editor in Chief Email - thehackernews@gmail.com Facebook Profile - http:/Awww.facebook.com/unix.root Twitter Profile -.https://twitter.com/TheHackersNews Facebook Page ~ http://www.facebook.com/thehackernews, DEDICATED 7 ne Tat. en inte tL) ee — * ANIA NOWAKOWSKA Todas * HARSH DAFTARY _< Oa US . * KISLAY CHAUDHARY ey UN aU PC ly aC tL -- THE HACKER NEWS Designer - sharmanitin204@gmail.com Jndex : Pe TFop Hacking News - 9 Soackers Ynterview <13 > - <<>> Rela TTA kane ete bd a TFeam Jntroduction (Feam _uts) - 19 Hacker Tool Vit - 20 Ce. Hacker fibrary - 25 a @ Hacking S- Security Events Gadget Sacks - 29 Cyber Crime e ALAUNONOMTIMTA NRCan ATTEN (ES ESOUDTSGATSTIS CO Oe LCN UENNe NATE Nec ea rc uA Nia cRNA ata OUND. LOL CCaONLe Pa! eae 2 ff TAA ICON WEARE LEGION Bt Toner a av une ; Onli | THE HACKER NEWS | A ve ! The Corrupt - Fear Us7x. The Sites Support, ee Buen co Cees Oia fbi Pee Who are Anonymous hackers Me Nate Meron eect MR Oe Cireii eR escccs Sette Daa OR Ree oe en coo ee mC) CORO CuO RCM nt ro Ore Ue iutn toc Dee Scns ear Rute ar Cn CR cee Cm Tr eeu ecu ee ec sucnn a uP Ge tes tek uC Retna: asic ca Oe Pee nee Re Reenter oe Roce OC RS ee to Teun can nee Ole a ek eNO Cee cree a NR es CeCe Re ce cee Re Renae cw AI Mr eRe aal Tet DATS oleae We a SR em Cur CC eaUe aeRay Ce Cae Rau ut Rene ace echo ae Remo) Reece Cy Utne net ns Ck Uke ce mR a a eae Tees sem ceuiec mm oe ma need No one speaks for Anonymous. Nothing is official. No videos. No operations. Not even any press re- Tene eR COR eo ee OT me ete ED De EEG te Cee uc ec cer Urata a: occ gc Se UNS Loe TSS CR UP putt NU eC ee MC Rue kay Rei eee CC cue Uncen CRC ate MeL ceer oe Fee ets ene eer Un ae ne ee Unt kee ec oi CT an Dept ie nee RUC MCN ee ur Roce kis cen but we are many. We can not speak for all. We know that the following countries Albania, Algeria, Ar- CORONA Ir CMCC Cem ML ra MerC Re Men Moy CN Cre MO COON CMe SCM CNC Rema CCR ate ue ce RCo eee Wee U Rue Cd nece ur Cee n atm Utena cuca CeUCNel mous are freedom fighters, helping to give voices to the voiceless. 02 The Hacker News | Apa 2011 Pee one ME @® Anonymous Ie EO Cee ucU ni mC ucts chai hcrs cre k Staal with a surfboard, to try to hit a lighting bolt with an umbrella, to douse a fire away with petrol, or to fist ciel au The time has come for the people of the world to unite. You can not wait for a revolution. You are the revolution. Anonymous Hackers are the revolution. Their strength is in numbers. The time is now. Every TOME Ce eae M ton NaNO ht DAC ior uc Nau n rn: Meta OCR r ences tek g ch katte aces une d Anan arenas mous is calling for your help. The people of the world are calling for your help. enn ete geet nen En Runa nea Ce) it because they see lies and deceit. They do it because every digital account is fuelled with the strength CCAM usar Omura GPa ek etc sme oe Ura tem Oe Tene Ute SRN Cu ag eee e UM ocr a tur nM Mec aa Mecca Oe Ce CMU an ichoe kee Om Gea rc ann ccn el mesa C a Ce Urea eee eM nem ore kus oman oO Ce) eee ae eke tee a a oo eee er cc oe a bypass censors. How not to leave an online trail. How to keep posting YouTubes when the dictators Pte hues Anonymous’s tactics ? OTe Ren Re cee UCT UCNR ue MC Rect Cm eeu) Pees ketene ure Ch aR ee ee eas DEE ea nee ecu ke ence OR a eee ee eer Marshall McLuhan, who in 1970 predicted, “World War III is a guerrilla information war with no divi- sion between military and civilian participation.” “For the first time in history, politicians (and others) have to answer directly to the people who elected Reuter ae cen ic sucht eure eee Case h Ur eee sR Cena eee hn Cec nM UCe [el cia ce years 03 The Hacker News | Apa 2011 Pee one (liza ME @® Anonymous Anonymous Activities & Operations SP aes ee PL ceeLaa0 LeU aL Pate OL LACOMS (Cn Lie UL ON eee Ae Clo eR oll Rel mel Ue MAAR aol ere Rel Relo eM amer-larel aol] As aresult, Turner sued 4chan, eBaum's World, 7chan, and other websites for copyright infringement. PCa ae ROM AM ie ARO Rl OMe oto a mere Le eae ce) SURE a Col loo Peo ae Pau CeCe en Ren eR mS RUr at MSR ESS mainstream attention to Anonymous. When a YouTube of a manic Tom Cruise raving about the benefits CACO Ee acini Ciel cee uN Sete acccuc elena out. eee ee hue iceman osc Mn Wis cura tee) USEC Sea ene ee ieee get nse Re se tees oc oe ee Recerca ecu aS Rc RO Deen cee ace heute na ket eee se Pon oe ene eee een eu COR Ce Wetec enact) See ae eeu Recs eee Ueda ioe Unite cet aa ik eo EMER eco etek el Me ees me oR Care RCT RES eee mS eT eee Un Ce aot ne CC a Ree Cee car cee ome tet Re cued enc ee (AR ae eC uae ce eT Reet a Un Ree ue RON eae PU ae eeu hte rane Meu n ok tena Tae Pee ae CO ener neat cael ia Cun eee crm er eu senee hen CONC cee ne kone RR cou eto Dee eS eRe eR eRe ee Ciel ae Rens eR OOo Cnc aes Ue hu eee aR ne mu Re ee Fergie ee tC CROC MON Cua mUCt toler ecco Ranch coe Moen cree RUR Ue CRORE at cen as a uae ud mates Ore Om aun ee me Ree ect on Oe a Class Bradley E. Manning, the soldier charged with “aiding the enemy’ by providing classified govern- ee ata aOR er om 04 The Hacker News | Aori 2011 Pee one ME @® Anonymous 41.) Operation Egypt (2011) - The Egyptian government's efforts to shut down the Internet within the Cee CIR rc CmuCee cet MMe eset emer Coa yee urine nen cin er Ske nna eek Cer Once CeCe et eikes se sic Ruciae ncn tee Casi eunen ca Rue eee tee eer enn aces One ered chan Naas \ ne iacegt eae ene Eee oa ana ome ee Rn mal femal CCC nce ae ten RUT DOS eng tet eects ede eee en er ees CSc Ru eca eS rete a Remuera CRU Une enna Suc Racy CU Ue Suu ce eae eee ee CCE eae ese Un een Nace Co RUC Ta intends to brutally enforce its reign of injustice by limiting free speech and access to truthful informa- tion to its citizens and the rest of the world.By interfering with the freedom to hold peaceful protests, TTT nS oe Reece ae cue Rome a ts UTS Se eens eae oa Eee RUN coe a eg MS Nt nee eres uh aieee ekam ka Meme i eaten cess in Tunisia and Egypt, we believe your revolution will succeed. Your brave actions will maintain the momentum of revolution for citizens all around the world wishing to regain their own freedoms". See eee REM Wun aC mae eek rN meen tere ee OMe RNa VNR eee nen ce ey eure Risa er cau eC uC a ck Ue CC em LO ee Con Rea CoS CTR aD ae nen eC Ree ieee mune Reece ca ETT M ae Rell Mic Late 4cLa See eGR Cee te Renn ng uct ccna Oe aR at Sauer noe eeu cul aru one u kena ac to give our solidarity to any people oppressed by the system. They Attack the site www.exafm.com & Supported the march going from the Auditorio Nacional to MVS headquarters, in solidarity with the Ne ee ete toe Cenc Rage ned aces PCa eee ee ce Ue eee ee eco HBGary, the Anonymous group social engineered administrator of rootkit.com, Jussi Jaakonaho, to Peet hee COS r eee et Succ cee Ut Puech tera reson cect s ae ego One gc UD eee eee kee RU a CoS e ie TRC Sue A Re eCRe ISS Uae me AT SCR ue at nc ieee a Rete me Re ea Ree 05 The Hacker News | Apa 2011 Pee one iii EEE @) Anonymous I You can not join Anonymous. Nobody can join Anonymous. Anonymous is not an organization. It is not a club, a party or even a movement. There is no charter, no manifest, no membership fees. Anonymous PS eee tm co om nea est ur re nrce ncn NR ee Ce cme eee an Eke RCN a TUS aN Tee a ey tee cur RCC ARCO nae GTEC Ce Rao Mn toca RED RCC Ree Ue a nM sol / Shut down FACEBOOK (a TWITTER row! \ Thatil teach them. / Beal Ake Roo lo a UL ee Deen Ree Reet mR Rte RC eRe UMC es oY CeCe et hore ae aku caecum ue mg attack, or starts to bore us.At the time of this writing, Facebook, Twitter and the IRC appear to host TORS Renee ee aaa eeu mS eee ce UCR ess places to get started. Look for terms like “anonymous’, “anonops” and other keywords that might be eek Rec os 06 The Hacker News | Apri 2011 Renee (liza ME @® Anonymous 2. How do | recognize other Anonymous? Demerol Mice Moe eee ci CUCM TOLL Cel lerks, unemployed; We are young or PCS mom Ce hiccmeec om mic tat scm keen cig all races, countries and ethnicities. We are many. We are your neighbours, your co-workers, your hair- RETR h tae eerste emi Cesk eke Renee eran ates Pee Urchin Ne aR Rca MN Eun em eNO tea CRC TRCN] CRMC LOR ReMi et em aie RRR ele ce ORCL Teoma Sch urce ciara CeCe ced eet Sens Ge tea a eR emer Een Re NA cee eaters ted eR a Oa Te ean aes ec kOe mous. Nor is it illegal to wear Guy Fawkes masks. Keep that in mind. If you personally have not been Reece Cm uh Oh Cu ALU Cm un tn cm RCM Coma eet eacn eet ane ROE ese ad Invent an alias, a nick, a pseudonym ... call it as you will, just invent something. Then register a mail ac- eee CR ORR ene come CC sete cme aT cc eee eee ee eC Crt eae een cen cate re aa Casals PCC Cea tet ates ie ut ek unm auc a ea TCM ts Peat ae Car te un uncer Nae aCe CN Rat Se Cr aCe Cot} them. We will always respect your need for privacy. We will never ask for your personal information. If Per Chet cena uer ea Urciurith iin RCS U Ce uno een eo hn eee eo ae Re cn Ren ava Oar eC Oe ne ena Ra ce es oe ae ce Rs eee TRU Rat 6. How many Anonymous are there? POS un tn aCe nara Oe CeO ROE Ce Ral Pea eons Cee tes ST Om eMC eR ON Ia et noe re aR ee nea as Morgan Stanley and, unfortunately for them, Bank of America)- HBGary, advocating the cause of Ae Cen Rare eu en Reena Rat gee ee eon See ea on em ee ECC renee clam seme Coat ae fe Ce ae eeu ne cece cure cee een Resta Seen Urges aOR cee erm eer OM [ee OSC eee nC) Lee Ct omen tn emcee gee eee SM me Re So people need to stop looking at the last 20 years and saying this is what's possible and this is what's Ered fees Cee erste ts Me Col 07 The Hacker News | Apa 2011 Pee one SEE Anonymous I Read More News About Anonymous Every Activity : http://tinyurl.com/4kemuoa 08 The Hacker News | Apa 2011 Pee ne ga Bia aa aay Thousands of Bank of America PNT mato! MUTT elm =a) See eee Ee Meum sm aM eli ae cum) major security breach. It remains unclear if Sule (oere UCR KM 19 Oa VO if someone outside the company committed the crime. It is also unclear if this problem is Tec ROM UCeCUMCImete csi a Cece ate nation are impacted. Bank of America is inves- Rect eer cee cM RR went.Bank of America said if any suspicious activity is flagged on your account, it will be shutdown immediately. Read Complete Story : http://tinyurl.com/6e553tu SS Ec ret) A hacker stole the credit card details of over 800 members of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) last December, ac- A eles nn N CHAIN eet Ree CeCe rc eee Ould Chinese hackers suspected in compromise of Australian PM’s computer The parliamentary computers of Prime Minister Julia Gillard and at least two other senior ministers are suspected of being hacked. Thousands of emails are believed to have been accessed in the cyber attacks. Four Australian government sources confirmed with the newspapers they had been told Chinese intelligence agencies were part of a list of sus- fool to Ma loc OSM NCH ie ule meet R Ue UU eel i CELA cl oe | Po ree OR Coke Re Le tee A oR odo ea a tralian Parliament House email network, the less secure of two networks used by MPs. MISC RC Chcncn emusic yiecetamestmtaec tons . Read Complete Story : http://tinyurl.com/4f5uafd : 09 The Hacker News | Aosi 2011 Pee ae) = ——&«< KK <> } Iran Hackers targets Gmail and Skype with fake SSL Pee Cage RR UCR SUC Rca ety certificates for Gmail, Skype, Hotmail and more.Comodo Group, a US-based certificate authority firm with 15% of the eel eR RRC eee Roe SUN MCR Cun cce mE urmen ct camer * fake SSL security certificates for six websites. mr BOER me nea Rcuiet MA) Hacking Crew & TeaMpOisoN — On 23 March lela 2011, Team Poison and Zcompany Hack almost Pe cere ad SETS Rafe IE TaRcersl oe 1389 Indian websites defaced By ZCompany Pee eis 3 ae, PTR Colca UN UL Ree ILL Pa Pirate Bay's database gets hacked -HACKERS HAVE Ex- ROMER NAM i aeau cna ach tcss site Pirate Bay, hacked its user database and harvested per- Pecan curhtas un To read Complete Story : http://tinyurl.com/3s9yeqb eS 5 The Pirate Bay Read All Hacking News : http://tinyurl.com/3dm2czm . Pee a ee ee nee Hackers nteviev iii”! Bi a ZHC —- Zcompany Hacking Crew im last 5-6 Months a news Hackers Group Come into Existance, name “Z Company” or ZHC /ompany Hacking Crew). They hack lots of Indian Websites Like Indra Gandhi Dental College Web- fe, ABIL Corporate Cricket Champions, Voice of Sikkim , Tikona Digital Networks, Chip.in - Indian »chnology Magazine, Lohchab Network Private Limited, Jabalpur Police website, Bihar Cricket Coun- il'Website, Indian Airforce and not only these , They also hack almost 1000's of Racist, Fascist & Zion- st Facebook pages and delete them. Here the all News you can find \ttp:/Mwww.thehackernews.com/search?q=zhc For Our 1st Edition of ‘The Hacker News’ Magazine, we decide to give the introduction about ZHC, Be- cause they are the most Activist guys in last 5-6 months before Anonmyous Hackers. So for Knowing More about ZHC we Take an Interview with ZHC member “Z Hawk’, The Hacker News : Why the name “Z Company” to put for your Team ? Z Hawk : "2" being the last alphabet have been chosen for "Z Company" as its an end to injustice, ex- tremism, Racism, Zionism, lies, illegal occupations and all such evils. Zcompany hacking crew [ZHC] Hack/Deface for a reason, reason for defacing is to raise awareness of the issues in the world with a main focus on Kashmir & Palestine. The Hacker News : When Exactly The ZHC born ? Z Hawk : Some years back Z Company was formed on "Orkut" as a resistance to counter religion ex- tremists who were attacking different communities with an aim to hurt the sentiments of Muslims, Secular Hindus and people from other faiths The Hacker News : Who are in your Hacking Team ? Z Hawk : That time Don, Hawk, Guzman, Sniper, Warrior, Virgin, LoCo, ZamZam, Gagan, Smarty (Code names of all Hackers and Activists) etc took an Initiative to respond them, later many other eople joined ZHC and that includes good hackers, debaters and fighters to work on different levels in his battle against evil, extremism, injustice, Racism, Zionism, lies, illegal occupations etc. But now we ave Don - Hawk - Guzman - Sniper - TriCk - XtreMiSt - Hardhunter - TAZii - Zol0gy - MasterMind - As- sin - Milan Milo - Rock - Destiny - cobra - Pak Jaguars — eXpliCiT e Hacker News : What Is the Aim of your Team and who are opponents for you ? jawk : Initially the aim was to stop them from making abusive communities on different religions and ete. The orkut was full of such filthy stuff and "orkut" admin was too lazy and ignorant by purpose top such things. That time there was no choice except hacking the communities to bring in the of orkut admin so that an action could be taken against such heinous things. So the work was d and soon Z company started to be noticed as a respected hackers’ and debaters’ hub and ed to be the best hacking crew in the scene who hacked big communities in large numbers. Still j00gle results can be seen by a simple dork (i.e intext:z company hacked orkut). The efforts ite successful because the orkut admin noticed all that and took action and started returning munities from extremists to the original owners, and then Orkut with some good updates more secure. In this story the opponents was like HMG and IW (currently ICA) and now this ney came to an end, orkut is very inactive because users have shifted to facebook that is get- mous amang people who spend time on social networking sites. News | Apnilaoi wwwithehackernews.com The Hacker News : Why 1000's of Facebook Pages was got hacked By ZHC ? Z Hawk : On ‘st jan 2011 (New year night) Z company got attention of international media and stunned every one with biggest Hacktivism of its kind, when it was announced that Z company and TeamP0ison will cleanup facebook and as soon as the calenders changed to 2011, the Z company started hacking anti Islamic, Racist, Fascist & Zionist Face book pages and soon thousands of face- book pages were hacked with a "Z Oday". This news was projected by international media in news papers and on different news websites/blogs. Results can be seen in Google by simply placing "The Mujahideen Hackers Who Clean Facebook" or Read Here : http://tinyurl.com/4nkohs8 The Hacker News : What are the current Activities of your Team ? Z Hawk : Currently ZHC is working on websites to raise awareness on different issues with "Kash- mir" & "Palestine" freedom struggles on the top of the list. In this regard many important & famous websites have been hacked in the recent past that also includes Tv channels and govt servers i.e govt of sikkim, govt cochin port, govt advgen rajasthan, Indian Embassy Of Sweden, indiatvnews website, bihar cricket, Indian Airfoce Placement Cell, Indian Airforce Wives Welfare Association, jalalpur police, barahmos missile, boxoffice india, Hp help desk and many other famous sites. [ http:/Awww.thehackernews.com/search?q=zhc Here for Reading all these News ] ZHC have achieved a very distinctive and respected place because of the cause ZHC work for and, have the support of many people around the glob. Today ZHC is more powerful with more skilled members, Currently the core and active members are Don - Hawk - Guzman - Sniper - TriCk - XtreMiSt - Hardhunter - TAZii - ZolOgy - MasterMind - Assasin - Milan Milo - Rock - Destiny - cobra - Pak Jaguars - eXpliCiT ete The Hacker News : Thanks for Interview, Anything else you wanna say to our Readers ? Z Hawk : Divided we fall...Together we Stand ..2 Company 14 The Hacker N 2011 ferews.co} Defacements & Web hacking, News Hamdi hacker is a 16 Years Old student from Tuni- sia, who Deface/Hack more than 6000 websites Se yet with codename of “The 007”. There is no valid Me @ purpose behind his hacking action, but he still love 4 ) to hack more and more sites in his lifetime ;-) You i can Find all sites hacked by him on out Official site - ad ‘The Hacker News’ : http://miturl.com/che . His Zone-H Porfile is : http://miturl.com/chd (/f you will get error in opening this link, then try any proxy site to open). How Hamdi Start his journey in Hacking , he told to ‘The Hacker News’ -,“ Wanna meetitalk to http://www.facebook.com/} applications/Rooting & lots of passion Join him on his Facebook - profile: one of the best guy in hacking websites/web kind ffature, supportive and friendly behaviour with all waww.thehackemews.com Chip.in -— Indian Technology Magazine website Hacked by TeaMp0isoN & ZHC Intelligent Computing CHIP is a on ow" a | =] | i S o monthly Information Technology magazine forum website had been hacked by TriCk & Assasin TriCk aka § t? & ZHC_Assasin (ZHC & TeaMp0isoN) on Friday, a 25 Feb 2011. Itis the Indian edi- Pe Deen sacs MeE BE rrco Kashmir 6 Palestine! - Palestine + Kashmir= One Struggle. i End the Occupation monthly CHIP. CHIP is a regis- aa tered trademark of Vogel Burda Holding Inc, Germany. Its current assistant editor (technical) is Jamshed Avari. There are total 488713 Posts and 13879 mem- bers in Chip forum website which as been hacked. The Hacked Forum link is : http:/www. chip in/forums/ and Zoné™=H mirror : http://tinyurl.com/4ef9khd Read Complete story about this hack on) our Official Website ‘The Hacker News’ http:/Mtinyurl.com/4remeoj Note : To know more about ZHC & TeaMpOisoN read ‘Hackers Interview’ Section of this magazine Eai- tion. (>) PLAY.com Got\Hacked ! Play.com, one of the largest online retailers of consumer goods, has suffered a security breach. In a warning to customers, Play.com has said that customer names and email addresses may have been compromised. Play.com is washing its hands of direct responsibility, claiming that a third party on its marketing communications team is at fault. Play advises customers to do the usual - to remain vigilant online and keep personal informati under lock and key. Which is easier to do when trusted services do no’ fer security breaches. Read Complete Story About the Hack : http://tinyurl.com/4wyboi ESET Nod32 Romania Hacked ! em Today guy from InSecurity.Ro named sway1990 [SSSI sss iss isSiesssSatsl found again a critical vulnerability (MySQL Injec- tion) in their website. ee NOD22 Distributor L Administrator Account username=admin password=51f9a6e361a03aee324bcc73fe8ab4 a5:xt69awFsqAyvglBMcbtvq9HoplAnQ 1jF email=emil@nod32.r0 usertype=Super Administrator Read Here : http://tinyurl.com/6epmd48 . 16 The Hacker News | Apri 2011 .com = |- On 23 March-2011, ZCom- pany Hacking Crew & TeaMpOisoN Deface 1389 Indian websites , Its one of the biggest mass hack by Pakistan Hackers. 7 ea nO To read Complete Story : http://tinyurl.com/4a9fd27 -On 22 March-2011, Team Indishell member Atul and Neo Deface Songsmp3.pk webiste, Its one of the pakistan site who provide free downloads of Indian Songs arid Albums To read Complete Story : http://tinyurl.com/4newczl Pecks To Sosa —OnMonflay March #2011 , 43 Indian websites got hackedteyeirhey" a pakistani hacker, ZSdename : KiLLerMjNd.\ Lik® tgSindia.net, tictactg€.co.im& & other 41 websit\s. Jo read Compltte Story : http"/tayurl.com/4zpiixzy 17 The Hacker News | Api 2011 www.thehackernews.com — Oe eC ee CR CaS — On March 10-2011 , Jitendra Chohan, College of Law website got hacked by shak from Pakistan Cyber Army.Link of hacked site is www.jccl.svkm.ac.in To read Complete Story hitp://tinyurl.com/6gl93do 7 = On March 5-2011 , Indra Gandhi Dental College Website got hacked by TeaMp0isoN & ZHC group of hackers. They also hack other 40 indian websites, Like prchotels.com, teamgroup.co.in, & other 38 websites aN 1%, =] oO isa | To read Complete Story : hitp:/tinyurl.com/6bfobwp TriCk aka Saywhat? & ZHCSNIPER — On March 57-2011, TinKodée hack into Leethackers.org and add his deface page on their web- site. To read Complete Story : http://tinyurl.com/Svxas7b — On March 3-2011 , ‘Pak Cyber Combat Squad’ a group of pakistani hackers hacked 26 Australian Beer/Wine shop websites and add their deface page on those. To, mplete Story : htninyurl.com/5w8safq Bian noi Team Nuts - Indian Hacker Group Team Nuts is a younger organization. NUTS defines Never Under-Estimate The Spirit. Team NUTS pur- forms some penetration work. This is not matter, that they perform behind the world or infront the World. These works are Penetration Testing Finding Bugs in Web Applications Exploiting them and Fix them Do aware developers about the vulnerability risk in applications HISTORY: This organization emerged out in-front of world in a short period of time. This organization was created on 15th august 2010 with its official website www.hacknuts.com which is now with another domain www.teamnuts.in. The credit goes to or we can say the real founder of this organization are Rahul Roshan and Mayank Yadav. Now this organization has many young guys with good cyber security skills. In few days this organization did a hard work for India, and earned respect of Indians. Team NUTS was involved in some India vs Pakistan Cyber wars. One of them is famous 3 december 2010 Ind vs Pak cyber war where India's CBI website hacked by Pak Hacking Group. In this war instead of reply with hacking Team NUTS tried to make friendship with Pak Hacking Group. After all this matter, Team NUTS changed his way of working, and they are now working for securing, patching, finding bugs in Indian Websites, for good purpose. When Team NUTS changed their way of working then many cyber hacking groups changed their way. Now Team NUTS is working for India and Indian websites and applications. On december 2010 Team Nuts connected with Indian Cyber Army (Registered) . When two people has same thinking then both has a same aim, with this opinion Team Nuts joined Indian Cyber Army(Registered). The aim of both the organization is to spread the cyber security knowledge in India. About the Team NUTS Admins: Rahul Roshan: Rahul Roshan is doing his engineering . Good in penetration testing, patching, website de- veloping, networking knowledge. He is CCNA certified and a certified ethical hacker. When we talk about pro- gramming its C, C++, Java, Dot Net, PHP, Perl. Mayank Yadav: Mayank Yadav is doing his enginnering and is now in Ist year. Good in server rooting, ex- ploit making, penetration testing. Studying Red Hat. He is also working in few some companies as a penetra- tion testor. About programming its, C,C++, Dot Net and he is an ethical hacker 19. The Hacker News | Apri 201% www thehackernews.com Hacker Toolkit pee Vol Mico oi eMC] MAUL odes (orc tomo EE Lat he nied On I The codename of this release will be “revo- I Tela Cole MU ae aoe ea H Lae ao) will be based on Ubuntu Lucid (10.04 LTS), and will (finally) support both 32 bit and 64 Lleol re Uo DV SMACUIIIN SMe NARS) -Coln gt