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I.S.I.S. began in the 1990s, yet America has just recently

started to fight against them.
I.S.I.S. is lead by a man- Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi. This man


was from America and he went to a detention camp named

Camp Bucca near the Kuwaiti border, which is in Iraq. He was
released in 2009.
I.S.I.S. is the richest terror organization group in the world.



Total funds- two billion dollars.

The number of I.S.I.S. fighters has tripled to 31,500.
Months before, U.S. figured only 10,000.
I.S.I.S. has an estimated 2,000 Westerners in its ranks.

Westerners could use their passports so I.S.I.S. can attack that

country. Over 100 Americans have joined I.S.I.S. Republican
Congress would like to revoke their passports and strip them of

their U.S. citizenship.

I.S.I.S. now controls over 35,000 square miles in Iraq and
Syria. This area is about the size of Indiana.
In addition to beheading, I.S.I.S. has carried out Mass

Executions and Rapes. I.S.I.S. video taped the beheading of

American Journalists- James Foley and Steve Sotloff. They also
video taped many innocents forced to watch their kids get
beaten and killed.


I.S.I.S. wants to create an Islamic state, called a caliphate,


across areas in Iraq and Syria.

9. I.S.I.S. used to be al-Qaeda in Iraq.
U.S. supplied arms to Syrian rebels have ended up in the
hands of I.S.I.S.



1. About 11 million people were killed in the Holocaust.
2. The Holocaust was directed by Adolf Hitler.

3. The biggest concentration camp was Auschwitz, which had

two other camps within it. Auschwitz had gas tanks to kill
people that would be useless faster, and crematoriums which
burned people and made their families watch.
4. The Nazis split the families right away and killed most
women with their little children because they wouldnt be able to
do much.
5. The Holocaust was when the Nazis were trying to get rid of
or die out the Jewish religion.
6. For food the jews got a cup of coffee for breakfast, a ration
of bread, and for supper a bowl of soup.
7. The term Holocaust was a bible term which meant burnt
8. The Nazis would shave the Jews heads to strip them of
their identity and to make clothing. There is still left over hair
today from the Holocaust.
9. Jews did not know what the term Holocaust meant when
the Nazis came to take them from their home, otherwise they
would not have gone. Jews thought they were going to be
treated so well, and that is why they went.


Sometimes Jews would have to run for hours on

hours to show they werent getting weak.


Holocaust and I.S.I.S.

1. They both fight because of a religion.
2. They both kill many children.
3. Starve and thirst the people
4. Both have had horrible outcomes so far or already.
5. Make the people suffer until death.
6. Took over a lot of land.
7. Both have a lot of power.
1. I.S.I.S. has a lot better technology.
2. The Holocaust had concentration camps
3. The media covers I.S.I.S. a lot more.