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Huse 1

Josiah Huse
Mrs. Gardner
English 10, Period 2
31 August 2014
The peculiar mystery of myself and I
As I casually strolled along the soft-sanded Bodega Bay Shore during the warm summer
of 2014, calmly but cautiously gazing out at the enormous hunks of black-jagged-edged boulders
that impressively broke through surface of the deep ocean, I noticed just out of the corner of my
right eye that I was being watched by a mysterious old man that looked to be in his early
seventys that seemed to have his eyes glued to me. Although I continued to stroll at a constant
and comfortable pace, I noted that he was holding a golden-colored necklace in his left hand that
looked similar to the necklace in which my grandfather had given me on March first of 2004
my fifth birthday. I also took note of the fact that this man was not sitting and enjoying himself in
the saturated warmth of the sun on this extraordinarily wonderful day, but standing with strong
posture and a serious scowl on his face. As the wind softly blew, his long grayish-silver hair
danced in the crisp ocean breeze as if the wind gave life to his hair just as the moon gives life to
the tides. As I continued to walk, I began to notice that this mans attention gave me the gutfeeling that I knew him from sometime in my life. Each step forward and away from this man
made me more and more anxious to know who this man was and why he was staring at me like a
wolf starring down its dinner. It soon became so much of issue for me that I could not continue
walking any further without knowing who this man was so I abruptly turned in his direction and
started to slowly inch my way toward him

Huse 3
The moment I turned in his direction, the once soft ocean breeze became a harsh howl as
if my decision to go near this man was that of a fool. As the wind picked up, the molecule-size
grains of sand began to make impact on the bare skin of my legs and the small grains felt like
needles constantly poking at my skin. As I came closer to the man, I also noticed that we both
wore tan colored shorts and a t-shirt mine was dark indigo with a golden trident of the robust
sea god Poseidon while his was also indigo but with nothing graphical on it. At about ten feet
away my body felt as if it were being forced towards this man, like an ancient ship being sucked
into the giant sea monster Charybdis. While my head was racing with numerous thoughts, I
noticed that the mans face had shifted from the serious scowl to a friendly and warm elderly
grin. Before I knew it, I was standing right in front of the man and no less than a foot away. As
both of us stood in silence, the sound of the foamy waves clashing with the shore became louder
and heavier. Just as I was about to speak, the man murmured a sentence that sounded as if a
snake were speaking:
You are me He whispered. I stared at the man not only because I was puzzled but
because I was somewhat scared and not sure how to respond.
Hello, how are you I murmured hoping to get an answer. As time went on and the
waves continued to splash, we stood in silence.
I see you have a nice necklace there I said. Still no answer. Just as I was about to
give up and walk away, the man finale decided to talk:
Why it is funny that you say that about your own property. Dont you recognize me? My
name is Josiah Huse and I have had this necklace since my fifth birth day when my grandfather
gave it to me as a gift on a beautiful spring day at this very beach. I attended Casa Grande high
school and enjoy a nice conversation.

Huse 3
Baffled at this information coming at me at the speed of a motor boat, my brain went
blank and I did not know what to think. How did this man know so much? Is it a coincidence that
we have the same name? Is that my necklace? As numerous questions raced through my mind I
continued to stare at this man until my mind finale came up with a valid response to fill the
Is this true? And if so, how are you here? I replied in a hoarse voice.
Why yes this is true, for you are me, and I am you. On a completely random note, did
you ever notice those boulders sticking out of the ocean? I could only imagine how old the
boulders were. It must have been years ago that they were submerged under the water with the
fish and other magnificent sea creatures and the courageous Greek god Poseidon and yet they
still seem to look ageless due to the constant waves washing away the dirt and sand. Things such
as these rocks, old yet still beautiful, fascinate me. Never mind my thoughts though, because in
approximately four seconds a wave so strong will cause the biggest rock due left of us to crack
down the middle. And so within four seconds, a large roller-wave came at the rock with
lightning speed and in an instant, the legendary stone gave a fierce crack and split down the
middle. Not sure what to think I shouted:
Who are you? And what do you want? What just happened?
I told you I am you. The only difference between you and me is you are real and I am
but an allusion. Still confused? I will give you a little bit more information. In you sophomore
year of high school, you will make a hard fall down a hill causing you to injure your right fourarm and leg. You enjoy eating any kind of fish, and perhaps the most challenging book you have
read is The Odyssey. I also know that you play the clarinet exceptionally well and you would
love to visit Hawaii.

Huse 4
Still completely puzzled, I decided to shut my eyes and slowly count to ten to calm my
mind. As I did so, I decided to turn directly around and walk away. As I began to walk, I also
began to tell myself that this must not be true. I then began to count after two steps: One - twothree- four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten. I then immediately opened my eyes and found that I
was mysteriously no longer at the beach but in my cozy-warm bed.
My warm blanket replicated that of the warm beach sand and the swift breeze coming
from my window replicated that of the ocean breeze. I glanced over at my desk and saw that my
necklace was gleaming in the moonlight. I then sat up from my bed and hastened to grab the
necklace. I stared into the golden necklace and realized that it seemed to have an older texture to
it as if the golden color was becoming less rich and older. I then realized that someday, that
would be me, but for now I am still young. With my mind still racing, I decided to go back to bed
and I soon forgot about my strange encounter with the man who was me.

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