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Natasha 1

Reflective Essay IDU

Field Trip IDU
Mrs. Peggy, Pa Ivan, Pa Agung, Bu Yanti
March 6, 2015
Reflective Essay IDU
My understanding and awareness of the complex issues around
Human Rights and Fairness and Development has been developed through
this fieldtrip and has made me more open-minded, caring and responsible.
Through this field trip, I learn to become more open-minded towards
my surroundings and the community. We all come from different
backgrounds in this world and we have different perspective about things,
such as beliefs, so we need to keep an open mind when interacting with
people with different opinions. When visiting an NGO called Dian Interfidei,
we learn about the conflicts between different religions that have been
happening in Jogja. There was a pastor from a Christian church that
shared the story of his church being broken down by the Muslim rebels in
the area or when the Syiah was not allowed to worship. I think that these
kinds of conflict happen between people because they couldnt keep an
open-mind about other religions by thinking that their religion is the right
one and other religion is wrong. If we could just stop for a moment and
see the beauty in each religion, I believe that we would be able to see how
wonderful and interesting each of them is. In the Universal Declaration
number 18, it says that we have the right to the freedom of thought, so it
is our right to believe in our own religion and also our responsibility to
respect other peoples religion.

Natasha 2
I have also learned to be more caring towards others. Caring is one
of the IB Profile which needs to be develop. When visiting the
rehabilitation for the disabled people, I saw children and teenagers with a
disease called CP that make the children have trouble moving some parts
of their body. When we enter the room, the mothers are sitting behind
their children and supporting them with their study. When we were trying
to have interaction with them, their faces looks really happy and some of
them raised their hands really high up or made loud noises. I realize that
all they need us actually our love and time. They like the feeling of being
recognized and the feeling of being important.
And last but not least, I learn to be more responsible especially
towards the trash I create. When visiting the Sukunan village, we learn
how the villagers manage their trash and was able to turn them into
something useful such as bricks, bags or even decoration. When visiting
the village, I see how cooperation could really make a difference. By
working together, the village was able to reduce the trash they created
and at the same time help with their economic status. I think that starting
from now, we should be more responsible for our trash as it is a really big
problem these days.
So through this fieldtrip experience, my understanding and
awareness of the complex issues around Human Rights and Fairness and
Development has been developed and has made me more open-minded,
caring and responsible and I hope that I could apply it in my everyday life
and make a difference in this world.

Natasha 3