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Philosophy of Education
Lisa Maley
Molloy College


Philosophy of Education

First and foremost, I believe all students deserve an appropriate education that creatively
fosters ingenuity, amity, and integrity. My classroom will be a safe space where ideas flow freely
and without judgment. All students will be treated with dignity and respect and there will be a
zero-tolerance for bullying. I will always be cognizant of cultural pluralism and will seek to
celebrate diversity and equality. I will differentiate instruction to build on the unique learning
styles of my students by using Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligences Theory. I will maintain a
high level of expectation of my students to promote growth.
My teaching philosophy is most closely aligned with John Deweys child-centered theory
of Progressivism. Children should be taught holistically while taking into consideration the
myriad interests, values, and beliefs of each student. Students are explorers who can steer
themselves toward meaningful learning, and the teacher should intervene when the students get
off track. I believe that books are important tools, but a book is only as strong as the teacher
behind it. My lessons will not simply be monologues; they will be conversations that each
student influences. Education should be active, not passive, in order to instill confidence and
Students must be motivated to learn, but fear or embarrassment will never be tactics
employed in my classroom. All students are to be treated equitably and I will do my best to have
an open dialogue with my students. I will be empathetic toward my students while fostering their
empathy towards each other and the world. I hope to get the class involved in student-chosen
charitable endeavors that inspire and get the children excited about affecting change in the world.
Ultimately, teaching is a lesson in reciprocity where students should demand as much
from the teacher as the teacher demands from the students. Mutual respect leads to an alliance


between teachers and students. Students should never feel as though a teachers place is above
them. All students deserve to be taught by intelligent, engaging teachers who make learning
accessible and fun. I want my students to be able to educate themselves long after they leave my
classroom. Aristotle once said: All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have
been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth. My goal is to
produce a new generation of independent thinkers who are prepared to be global citizens and
leaders in the 21st Century.