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the attitude of peThe Office of the Ombudsman has suffered another setback in it

s bid to proceed with its preventive suspension order against Makati Mayor Jejom
ar Erwin Junjun Binay Jr.
The Court of Appeal s Sixth Division denied yesterday the motion of the ombudsman
through the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) seeking to suspend the CA proc
eedings due to its petition filed with the Supreme Court last week.
Assistant Solicitor General Hermes Ocampo cited judicial courtesy since any furt
her action of the CA would preempt the ruling of the high court of their petitio
n, which questioned the CA s temporary restraining order on the suspension against
But Associate Justice Jose Reyes Jr., chair of the CA division, denied the OSG s m
otion in open court, citing Section 7, Rules 65 of the Rules of Court, which pro
vides that any petition with a higher court shall not interrupt the course of the
principal case in the absence of a halt order.
The magistrate also told Ocampo that failure to proceed with the case could be a
ground for an administrative charge against them.