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Direct Instruction Lesson Plan Template

Grade Level/Subject: 3rd-Geography Central Focus: Landforms

Essential Standard/Common Core Objective: 3.G.1.2Date submitted:
Compare the human and physical characteristics of places
Daily Lesson Objective: Students will be able to identify all of the different types of landforms
including: mountains, hills, Plateau, mesa, valley, canyon, sand dunes, plains, cavern, volcano,
island, peninsula, and isthmus.
21st Century Skills:
Academic Language Demand (Language Function and
Landform, mountains, hills, Plateau, mesa, valley, canyon,
sand dunes, plains, cavern, volcano, island, peninsula, and
Prior Knowledge: 5 Themes of Geography

1. Focus and Review
2. Statement of
for Student
3. Teacher Input

4. Guided Practice

5. Independent
6. Assessment
Methods of

Description of Activities and Setting


5 Themes of geography video- this video will review what they

should already know but also re-teach what they should
already know. This will focus the students on the concept of
Students will be able to identify landforms by completing a cut
and paste activity.
Brain pop video of landforms- this is a short video that shows
the students a few different types of landforms before we go
more in depth in guided practice.
Smart Board slide show with all landforms listed in the daily
lesson objective. This slideshow is interactive and the
students will record what they learn for each slide. This will be
used on a landforms quiz given later in the week. Going
through each slide I will ask the students if they have ever
seen or have ever been to each landform so that they can
connect to the subject on a personal level.
Students will receive a cut and paste activity to complete on
their own using the note sheet they just completed during the
slide show. One sheet has a picture of the landform and name
and the other sheet has a definition. They will paste the
picture to the sheet with the definition.
Cut and paste activity matching the landform to its definition. Students
will receive full credit by completing the assignment.

7. Closure

Go over cut and paste activity to make sure students

understand landforms.

8. Assessment
If students complete
Results of
Targeted Students
Modifications/Accommodations:Make sure
students are paying attention by specifically
asking them if they have been to any of
these landforms.
Materials/Technology: Brainpop
Landforms slideshow
Smart board
Land forms cut and paste worksheet

the activity they will receive full credit

Student/Small Group
Modifications/Accommodations: You could work in
small groups with students during independent
practice to make sure they understand the
concept completely.

(Include any instructional materials (e.g., worksheets, assessments PowerPoint/Smart Board slides, etc.) needed to implement the lesson at
the end of the lesson plan.)

Reflection on lesson: