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n:a.n.~'Cr of ECG to the HCMt Co 1TlmA.nd

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~~ c~omry ore urut rid~s ur the p.ltcchn o!ogy imported fr o m I ~racl h~
nc-nt trom ""-hcrcYcr he 15. at the CJrliL~been orcrationd.l si nce July 1995.
~tobilc corona.ry units arc m1~ub.n~e.s
The concept of thn tclcm~di~ is
"'hich ha,e rt.a~c -of- the-m equipment
L'lzt a penon i~ supp lic.d \\ith m ".ApoUo
md arc rrunned by nursing. rara.mcdi H eart:Ene- , a ~mall \\alhnm -~c d C\i cc.
cal s~aff md a c~rdio!og:i_'t . The patient
In case of che5t pain~ the patient fit~
rc.cmcs acute: coronarY interYentio n bY
thrombolytic thcr.ilpy i ~
acute m\ocardiJI
tion. Simulta.ncoush-.. the
.-\polJo Hcan Com~and
C-entre aJeru the hosritll
coronary care unj r ~ CCt: )
~gJrding the incoming panent . On arri,aL the patien t is directh

from the mobile coronarY

care unit to the hospital
CCU \\ithout any proce dural dc:Llv. The \\ho le concept o f this telephonic
ECG dC'\ice is no t just to
have instant and accurate
ECG telephonically but to
minimize the crucial time
delay in the treatment of
acute heart anacks so as to
reduce prehospiul deaths
(approximately t\\o -thirds
Patient with Heartline probes
of the total deaths of ~U )
as well as to keep muscle
the electrodes to his chest and connects
damage of the heart to a minimum. By
this dnice v.i th the che.st electrodes for
providing early acute coronary intenenin~tant recording of ECG . After making
tion at the patient's doorstep, \\e are aiming through Heartline to adueYe optia telepho ne call ro the Heart Command
mal coronary care in the le3st
Centre and co mmurucation v.rith the carpossible time.
di o logist , the ECG is transmitted
Besides being a life-saver, the
telepho rucaJiy to ApoiJo's Heart Comheartline device is extremelv
mand Centre . The ECG is instantlv disuseful in boosting the confiplayed o n a co mputer monitor and comdence of a cardiac patient. The
pared v.ri ~h the patient's baseline ECG
patient feels secure in the
by the cardio lo gist. The cardiologist also
knowledge that at the earliest
has access to the patient's medical hismanifestation of cardiac symptory v.nich is entered at the time of the
toms., he can instantly transmit
patjcnt's registration to the Heart Comhis ECG and can get expert
mand C.-entre fo r Heartline. After comadvice immediately, irrespective
paring the baseline ECG, the carclioloof \vherc he is \Vhcther at
gist immediately gives advice to the pahome, shopping, travelling
tient o n telephone .
within or outside the country.
The entire process of recording and
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... "-\pollo Heanlinc- a

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11;r H t a r r:in c i t Picr

~t any

a time a cardiac patient gets

c hest pain " hich is no n -c.1rdiJc . I f he
keeps c alli n ~ o n his G P fo r su ch pain o r
ke ep s runnin g to e merg ency depart
rnents of ,-ario us hospitals .. he ''i ll N: b N:Ucd a.s .1 hypocho ndriac. The u se o f
dnices like the H c.ardine in Londo n , U K
ha.s sho,,n that unneces..~ hospital referrals were reduced bv 8 2%. The Heartline d~ic e is o f immense benefit fo r cardiac patients \\h o have undergone
CABG, co ro nary balloon ang:iopla.sty or
had he an attacks pre,;o usly. It is also of
great ,alue in patients \\ith histo rY of
attacks o f palpitation , di zziness o r bl~ck
outs due to abnormal cardiac rhythm, in
\\~horn detection , diagnosis., early treatment and interYention o f arrhvthmias
make a great difference in outcome. Such
patients ha\'e been sho,vn to have considerably reduced mental stress bv subscribing to the Hean1ine.
Th~ intro~uction of ~Apollo
HeJrtline A Life - saver~ is a landmark
in Indian medical history.




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A Heartline ambulance