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Princess Magnolia Francisco Llanto

Bsn II - Ladd

Philosophy 1n mw(5:30-7:00pm)

Choice and Free Will

Man is not programmed nor a certain essence is installed in him even before
he exist. Also you are the result of your choices of what you make yourself to be.
Essence is not pre-defined ,we make it for ourselves.
In my life, I believe that I choose my own essence by making choices with the
power of free will . I do not believe in destiny or pre-defined essence, I believe that what I
am today is the product of my choices yesterday.

Jean-Paul Sartre Existentialism

According to Sartres Existentialism, we create our own essence in this world,
there is no such thing as maker of man. All things exist because of coincidence. We are
free to do anything but we cant excuse our actions by saying we are force by
circumstances, there is no plan, you do it because you want it. There is no objective
standards values. We established our own values to live authentically.
This Sartres Existentialism is partly contradictory to my life and beliefs. First, I am
born for an ultimate reason, I am not a coincidence, I am part of the divine plan but I do
believe that man has free will and he can choose his own values, in short there is no
objective standard values. I believe that man is free but he is not excuse that it is brought
by circumstances but I believe more in faith rather than in coincidence.