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Maggie Kortis
Mrs. Barnes
English 112
6 April 2015
Human Trafficking
Our rights are the most valued and important things we have. They help us express our
individuality and make us who we are. Human trafficking strips victims of their rights and of
their personalities. It is impossible to feel safe in this world because of dangers such as human
trafficking. Human trafficking is an inhumane, modern day form of slavery that results in the loss
of hope and in some cases life; therefore, this form of oppression needs to be stopped.
Human trafficking is the third most illegal crime after narcotics and arms smuggling
(Nation must improve). It is found all over the world. It is most common in third world
countries, but it is happening everywhere. Most people do not think or do not want to believe it is
happening in their own towns and cities, but unfortunately, it is. All around the world there are
people being robbed of their innocence and being subjected to unthinkable horrors and abuse
(Sex trafficking exists).
Approximately twenty-one million people have been or will be victims of human
trafficking. Women and children are the most common cases that have been read or heard about.
In most occasions, the victims would have previously lived in poverty and were low on the social
scale, were travelers or immigrants, or were just kidnapped on the streets (Everywhere in
chains). Women and children are torn from their normal lives everyday and are being held
against their will to do things that are repulsive and harmful, just to survive.

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The missing people who are taken are treated horribly, no matter what type of trafficking
they are apart of. The two most common types are sexual exploitation and labor slavery. The
victims are usually drugged and kept away from civilization as much as possible. The traffickers
treat them so harshly to avoid discovery and to keep the slaves from escaping. Also the
traffickers try to scare the victims from wanting to escape by physically abusing them and
threatening their lives. They are seen as property rather than people and are treated as something
that is sold, much like slavery from a long time ago (They said I). After they had been
kidnapped they would be in the market for the rest of their lives unless they escape. If they
somehow manage to escape that environment it is still unimaginably difficult to adjust to normal
life. Police can also rescue victims of this slavery, but it is very rare because it takes a lot of time
and a little bending of the rules, which is why it is so rare.
Third world countries are known to have the highest number of victims. It is often
because of the relaxed border control and police corruption. One of the major problems with
trafficking is limited police jurisdiction (SA attends world). If the police are not allowed to
infiltrate the compounds where the casualties are piling up, they cannot really arrest the criminals
because it is out of their control. Usually the human trafficking cases are very complicated
because when the offenders are caught the only penalty they face is a fine. After they pay the fine
or do whatever they were indebted to do, the trafficker is free to go (Nation must improve).
These restrictions on police and other officials take place in other countries besides the
third world countries. For example, The United States of America is a well rounded country with
luxuries most countries do not have. Regrettably, its law enforcers also have jurisdiction which
forbids them from searching suspicious inhabitants without a warrant. Considering America does
not have very clear laws on prostitution and trafficking, getting a warrant is a challenging task

Kortis 3
(Nation must improve). The worlds current defense system for human trafficking is corrupt
bearing in mind all of the challenges and demands it takes to put someone who clearly deserves
it behind bars, secluded from any sort of freedom, and stripped of their rights the same way they
did to their victims.
Human traffickers get involved with this business to make money. In some countries it is
their main profession. They look for vulnerable people and take advantage of situations to get
their victims. The sex traffickers hide behind the women they use if they manage to get caught. If
a woman is caught by the police, she is charged with prostitution. She would accept the charges
out of fear of what her kidnapper might do to her. In some cases these men keep these females
trapped by giving them drugs and getting them hooked. Then they continuously give them drugs
and force the women to keep paying them back. The unfortunate sequence of events keeps these
women stuck in this vicious circle (They said I).
Human trafficking is an awful, malicious way to make money and this repression needs
to be completely terminated. Human trafficking is everywhere even though it is not witnessed by
many. Poverty is a main resource traffickers use to find their victims, but they also use scams and
trick people into thinking they are traveling or getting an opportunity that they could not refuse,
so all people need to be aware of this. Human trafficking takes people away from everything
they once knew and takes away their freedom. The lives of millions are treated as something that
is owned rather than something that should be cherished. They say slavery was abolished many
years ago, but really we are still fighting that battle.

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Kortis 4
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