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Mesoamerican/Andean achievements, economies and
Section 1: Mayan Achievements, Landforms and Economy
1. Name the 3 symbols used in the Maya counting system
and compare to our counting system:

2. Name the 4 Mayan calendars and include the components

of each:

3. List and describe the 2 types of agricultural systems in the

Mayan civilization?

4. Identify the main feature of the location of the Mayan

civilization and explain how it benefited them economically:

Section 2: Aztec Achievements, Landforms and Economy

1. Illustrate and name the 7 symbols used in the Aztec
counting system and the numbers these represent:

2. Describe the physical features of the Aztec sun stone and

what it represented?

a. Identify and describe the two Aztec calendar systems:

3. List the 3 types of agriculture in the Aztec civilization and

describe the components of each:

4. Briefly write the components of the landform and

economy of the Aztec empire.

Section 3: Inca Achievements, Landforms and Economy

1. Identify the two types of tools used by the Incas in Math
and briefly write the purpose of each:

2. Explain how Astronomy was used by the Inca civilization:

3. List the 2 Incan agricultural systems and identify the

crops that were cultivated:

4. Briefly compare and contrast the landform and economy

of the Inca civilization with that of the Maya and Aztec

5. Analyze the contributions made by the Maya, Aztec and

Inca civilizations to modern society: