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Why I want to be an Art Teacher

Kasey Vann
Art 2123
Borim Song
I want to be an art teacher because I have always loved to share my tricks of the trade
with my fellow peers and see them utilize my knowledge to create a more successful piece. The
best part of art is being able to learn from others and stemming into ones own creative style that
helps relieve the stresses of the world. This has been my dream since I was in the third grade
when I originally wanted to teach elementary school then progressed into art education.
My inspiration to become a teacher started at the hands of my third grade teacher, Mrs.
Basil. She was what I thought of when I imagine an elementary teacher. She was sunny, smiled
often, and had so much compassion for her students. Mrs. Basils kindness, and the ability to
grade papers, compelled me to teaching. I hope to emulate her positive enthusiasm that she had
with all her students. My biggest role model for art education was my high school art teacher
Mrs. Parlow. Her intelligence and skills in the arts radiated off her like a glow and had me
rethink my path in life. I was heartbroken the day she had to pack up and move to a new county.
She always had helpful criticism, she made clear that her criticism was to aid us not hurt us, and
she pushed us beyond what we thought we were capable of doing. Negativity was not an option.
Mrs. Parlow showed me that I could do anything with art as well as be anything, even a teacher.
My experience in teaching first came from helping my peers. Many would come to me
for some big and some small critiques, and every time, I would put my project on hold and help
them. I loved that they looked to me for reassurance and guidance. My high school art teacher,
Mrs. Parlow would also allow me to help critique my peers artwork for final grading. She

showed me how to properly assess a work using the elements and principles of art as well as the
time and effort placed in the piece. Another, more hands on, teaching experience was being a
teacher assistant at my church for Sunday school. I was in charge of children ages three to five.
Occasionally, I was left in the room alone with about seven to nine children and my only
problem was that they all wanted my attention at the same time. Although I loved teaching them
bible lessons and watching them color, I felt out of place with such a young demographic. For
this reason, I become more interested in teaching high school and late elementary. Middle school
is something I am becoming more interested in the more I read about their teachings. From these
experiences I learned to be more open minded and considerate of others opinions. I learned that
everyone has their own interpretation of art and will express it in their own unique way.
Becoming an art teacher in a high school means the world to me. My goal is to help
troubled youth use art as their outlet to prevent them from following dangerous paths. I want
every student to experience the passion I have towards art and how it makes one stronger. I wish
to settle down at a high school and become the teacher that all students feel comfortable around;
I hope my classroom will be a judgment free zone and a place for creative expression. I want my
students to feel free and safe when they immerse themselves in art and I believe that this
program can get me there.