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Department of Educational Psychology,

Counseling, and Special Education

The Pennsylvania State University

125 CEDAR Building
University Park, PA 16802-3108

Fax: (814) 865-7066

Web site: http://www.ed.psu.edu/educ/epcse

April 6, 2015
Ms. Amanda Law
107 Victory Drive
Smithfield, PA 15478
Dear Ms. Law,
I am pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to Penn State's graduate program for
certification in the following area: Supervisory Special Education-World Campus. Please log on to the
Graduate School admission system and accept your offer of admission.
Dr. James McAfee has been assigned as your advisor. After an evaluation of your credentials, it has
been determined that you must complete the following courses for the certificate:

SPLED 595C (Section 1)
SPLED 595C (Section 2)

(Summer 2015)
(Fall 2015)
(Spring 2016)
(Summer 2016)
(Fall 2016)

After you accept the offer, you will receive subsequent communication from the World Campus
about registration, and obtaining your user ID and password, which will allow you to access PSU
email, course websites and online registration.
In order to meet Pennsylvania Department of Education certification standards for the supervisory
certificate, you must have five years teaching experience in the teaching area to be supervised. You
must have at least three years prior to admission to the Supervisory Program.
I would like to wish you success as you continue to pursue your academic and professional goals.
Welcome to the program and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


James K. McAfee

College of Education

An Equal Opportunity University



Either SPLED 501 or EDLDR 560 is a prerequisite for SPLED 595C (Internship); however, it
is also possible to complete the internship concurrent with either SPLED 597A or EDLDR 560.
Many students have shortened the program by taking the internship concurrent with another
course. I am flexible because I recognize that many of you may be under pressure to complete
courses in a limited time period. Therefore, you should contact me before you schedule SPLED
2. COURSE CONTENT- If you visit the World Campus website
(http://www.worldcampus.psu.edu), you may notice that sample course syllabi are available for
some courses. Please be advised that these are subject to change and that you will be able to
access the final syllabus online when the course begins. Please be advised that EDLDR 560
and SPLED 501 have course enrollment limits. Register early!
3. APPLYING for THE CERTIFICATE- Once you have completed the entire 15 credit
sequence with "B" or better in each course, you should contact Cathy Hipple at cyh3@psu.edu
or 814 863-1497 to complete the certification application. You will be eligible for the
certificate if:
a. You have earned and reported a passing score on the required Praxis test #10410Education Leadership: Administration and Supervision. Please be advised that passing scores
are set by PDE, not Penn State. You may obtain information about the Praxis test and scores
from PDE, or on the PSU, College of Education website or on the ETS website.
b. You have submitted the completed Verification of Experience Form (PDE 338 V)
and you have at least 5 years experience in any area of special education including speech and
language, mentally/physically handicapped, visually impaired or hearing impaired.
a. Academic advising: Dr. James McAfee---- jqm@psu.edu
b. Admission application questions: Christine Andrus---cma18@psu.edu
c. You will receive instructions via email on activating your Penn State Access
Account. Once you have activated your Access Account, register for courses using eLion on
or after your first date to register.
d. Questions about course registration, billing, withdrawing and dropping courses,
registration dates can be directed to The World Campus and Continuing Education Office of
the Registrar registration@outreach.psu.edu, or 814-865-5403 or 800-252-3592.
e. Technical issues with course websites or questions about activating your Penn State
Access Account - wdtechsupport@outreach.psu.edu, or 814-865- 0047, or 800-252-3592

College of Education

An Equal Opportunity University

1. You may proceed through the program at your own pace taking as few as one course per
semester or as many as three (in the semesters where three course are offered).
2. Because the courses are online and faculty are available only during their scheduled times
during each course, you should plan to adhere to the schedule on the ANGEL website for each
course. Extensions are provided with prior notice and only in rare circumstances.
3. If you do not register continuously each semester, you may be placed in inactive status. If
that occurs, you must submit a Resume studies/change of degree or major form to the
Graduate School. The form is available at http://www.gradschool.psu.edu/index.cfm/facultyand-staff/forms/ges/.
4. You may complete the internship requirements where you are employed with the permission
of your supervisor. The enclosed syllabus for the internship is provided for you to begin to plan
your placement for this experience. Please be advised that this syllabus is subject to change
without notice.
You may receive occasional updates to this information as it becomes available.

College of Education

An Equal Opportunity University