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Summer Internship 2014

Maggie Boyle

Overview of My Experience

My Background

Johnson Controls First Impressions

Projects I worked on

What Ive learned

My Future Plans

My Background

Marquette University

Freshman year

School of Business

University of Wisconsin Madison

Sophomore year

Pre Business

Finance major

Department of Information Technology

Supervisors: Larry Roesch and John Carbone

Related projects to other areas of business

Analyzed data in order to improve the company as a whole

First Impressions

Happy employees

Welcoming atmosphere

Learning opportunities offered and encouraged

Training videos

Research on downtime

Company pride

Overview of Johnson Controls

History of Johnson Controls

How I Spent My Summer

Asset Management

Keeping PC Software and leases up to date

PC Refresh Process

Replace PCs that are past their end of lease date

Hardware/software is compliant to company standards

Insures that it is covered under program warranties

Windows 7 Upgrade Project

XP to Windows 7

Goal to have one united company

AutoCAD Licensing Project

Find out who has AutoCAD software

Implement new pooled licensing system

Project 1: PC Refresh

The following process is enforced due to JCI policy and contract with HP

Phase 1

Identify assets to be
Contact custodian and
identify refresh model
Custodian to choose
replacement model
Send information to HP
Desk Side

Phase 2

Order placed via

the SMIT Ordering

Phase 4

Phase 3

HP Desk Side
receives new PC

Second notice goes


Portal *This will

HP builds computer

ensure that the

out with standard

included in

new assets are

JCI image


correctly added to
the CMDB*

HP additional user

Wait for response and

specific software

proceed with the same



HP technician swap
old and new PC

Importance of PC Refresh Process

Avoid over-paying for PCs by running over lease terms

Ex: Standard Laptop 840 G1 [US localization]

Lease Price: $998

Monthly lease cost: $28.29

3 yrs=36 months $28.29x36months=$1,008

1 year over= $28.29x48months=$1,357.92

5 people go 1 year over=$1,789.60

Reduction of lease costs

New PCs are always cheaper

Warranty with HP

Hardware and software is compliant to company


Everyone on the same page and up to date

Count of
Status of PC Refresh
Replacement PC was ordered
Old PC is still being located
Custodian is still deciding what to order
Custodian agreed to return this PC on a specific date
Special Exception
No Response Yet
Total Number of Employees Emailed
Total Number of Employees Who Replied


Project 2: Windows 7 Upgrade

Identified computers still running the XP operating system

Contacted the plant controllers

Placed orders for replacement PCs


Updated the reports with new information

End goal = completely removing XP from JCI environment

Microsoft support of the XP operating system ended April 2014

Project 3: AutoCAD Licensing

Pulled AutoCAD install information from a master software installation report

Over 1 million lines in report

Deleted duplicates

Deleted extra add ons

Found all PCs that had AutoCAD software installed


the number of Licenses bought


the number of PCs with AutoCAD installed

Goal = implement a pooled licensing system

Global project to license AutoCAD for all of JCI

Library for people to check AutoCAD out

No individual assigned licenses

Follow the sun model: share with JCI employees around the world

If someone leaves the company, the license is not lost

Licenses always tracked

Benefits: better, easier, more accurate license management

Substantial cost savings through global license model

What I learned

An in depth understanding of Johnson Controls

Excel functions and shortcuts

How to communicate in a professional manner

Email and phone

Face to face

The importance of following company policy

Saves money

Makes other peoples jobs easier

Future Goals

Gain more experience through


Exposure to other areas of business

Apply for internships in finance

Graduate from the Business School

Ranked 18th in the U.S.

Degree in finance

Apply for internships and full time jobs





Thank You!
Larry Roesch and John Carbone