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Creative Revision Reflection

For sequence two in my English 120 class we were given the rhetorical situation that we
were applying for a job as a content writer for a Non-Profit Organization (NPO). If hired we
would be responsible for maintaining the organizations website and keeping it up to date. Part of
our application was to submit a sample of our writing.
Since we were applying for a job at a NPO my instructor Ms. Diaz allowed us to choose
what type of organization we wanted to be apart of (i.e. animal cruelty prevention, anti-genocide,
anit-domestic abuse etc.). With the NPO, we either had to believe in or against what the NPO
believed on a particular issue, this meant we would be writing a position paper. I chose to write a
position paper on pro-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) use in hunting terrorists. I believe
protecting the United States citizens and its homeland is a crucial part of our governments
responsibility. Government agencies should protect its citizens long before an attack occurs, so
preventative action must be taken. One way that prevention can be done is by hunting terrorists
while they plot their attacks in remote regions of the world. Military presence in countries
terrorists hide in causes great unease in foreign relations, thus a peaceful aerial presence and
assault is the best substitute. It is both more effective and better for foreign relations than boots
on ground.
I chose to do my creative revision on this major writing assignment (MWA) because it
was the most beneficial and I had a variety of revisions I could have turned this position paper
into. At first I thought about turning my paper into an info graph to create patriotism. Then I
began thinking about a newspaper article discussing terrorism and UAV use. Though a
newspaper would be an effective revision, terrorism is a very broad subject with a variety of
different aspects involved. With the newspaper idea still on my mind, I figured a way to touch on

some of the different aspects of terrorism effectively would be an entire newspaper front page.
Terrorism is constantly in the news, but at the same time so are other events in the world. Its a
issue we hear about daily and what better way to depict it than something many Americans look
at on a daily basis, a front page newspaper.
For my newspaper I had to balance it out with both fictional events and events that could
result from UAV use in the fight against terrorism. For my paper I found a study conducted by
Long War Journal that collected data on U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan from 2004-2011 that
yielded 1,816 extremists deaths (Vigil 3, Williams 117). Of these eighteen hundred extremists
many were high-ranking Taliban or Al-Qaeda operatives. This led to my first article on terrorism
the fictional death of high-ranking ISIS leader Abu Ahmad al-Alwani. I chose to write this type
of article to depict that UAV drone operations are yielding results and weakening terror
organizations. Along with events that related to my topic of terrorism I also needed to include
other news events just the way a real newspaper is set up. At the time of the creation of the
newspaper the NCAA basketball tournament was occurring. So I chose to use the most recent
game and do a small analysis of the game. Along with this article I also created an article that
was similar to one I had recently seen in the news about animal hoarding. In this article I gave a
description of the event, what happened with the animals and that the woman had a certain
amount of time to clean the residence or face condemnation. I wanted to give as much of a full
story in a column that I could fit.
My second article relating to my paper was an article relating to approval of UAV
strikes on terror groups. President Obama made the comment I will not hesitate to use force to
take out the terrorists who pose a direct threat to America during a broadcast which made me
discover that more than half the U.S. population supports the use of UAV drones in hunting

terrorists, information and an issue that should be made public to spread awareness on how
terrorists are engaged. Not only are the articles in a newspaper important, but also the layout of
it. I chose to keep the two articles related to my paper as far from each other as possible so my
viewer would need to analyses my entire work. I thought that many Americans enjoy watching
the NCAA tournament and using a large headline to depict the incredible game of the in-state
rivals Wichita State and Kansas was important to have. I also was sure to use a lot of pictures and
diagrams to draw my readers in and engage them in reading the article I had prepared.
I was very pleased with how my position paper came out for sequence two in my English
120 course. I am also pleased with how my newspaper front page came out. It addresses major
points of who is being targeted and the approval rating of this governmentally ran engagement.
Not only this but it also presents the information in a way that can be seen by most Americans
and coincides with how news on terrorism is already being presented.