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The TED-Ed App by Lisa Maley

The TED-Ed app is a conference website that provides access to hundreds of educational videos
on a breadth of topics (i.e. Could a blind eye regenerate? - David Davila)
Though the app is designed for learners of all ages, its content tends to be more appropriate for
Secondary students. Students can find videos on all major content areas like literature &
language, science, and mathematics.
Pros: The app is free for everyone and gives students and teachers access to hundreds of
educational videos that are published by experts in the field. The app also give teachers the
opportunity and tools to create lesson plans based around the videos.
Cons: The app runs on YouTube which is blocked by many schools. Also, I hope to become an
Elementary School teacher and the content is geared towards older students.
As a teacher, I could do independent research to increase my knowledge base on a variety of
subjects. I could supplement lessons with videos from the site. The videos, such as The
unexpected math behind Van Gogh's Starry Night - Natalya St. Clair are thought-provoking and
can help with interdisciplinary learning

Standards the tool addresses: Communication and collaboration, Technology

operations and concepts, and Research and information fluency.