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Life science, a

By Mica Heffner

Why do I have brown hair?

Brown hair is a trait or
something that is inherited.
Traits can be dominant or
A dominant trait is more
likely to be inherited than a
recessive trait.
A punnett square shows
the likeliness of inheriting a
certain trait.

What is a punnett square?

A punnett square
uses mathematics to
show the likeliness of
inheriting a certain trait.

Are all traits a physical feature?

Not all traits have to
do with your physical
Phenotypes are part of
your physical
appearance, and
genotypes are part of
your genetic makeup.

Are there other kinds of traits?

If a trait is neither
dominant or recessive,
codominance happens.
This is when both traits
are present.

For example, a black and white chicken that has

a white dad and a black mom.

What makes a trait?

Genes are what
cause traits, certain
genes are certain traits.
When you inherit a trait
or gene from your
parent this is called

Are there different forms of a gene?

Yes! The different
forms of a gene are
called Alleles. They
are the different gene
sequences for the same

Tell me more about alleles ;)

Well If an
organism has two
different alleles for the
same trait, it is a
hybrid, or a
heterozygous trait. If it
has two of the same it is
a purebred or a
homozygous trait.

Can a trait have more than 2 alleles?

Yes, a trait can have
more than two alleles
coding for it. A multiple
allele is when three or
more forms of a gene
code for a single trait

Wait, purebred like a dog?

Yes! Dogs for
example can be bred
using selective
breeding. They use a
pedigree, or a family
tree that tracks which
members of a family
have a certain trait.

So what if you are in the family but

dont have that trait?
An organism can be
a carrier, meaning that
they have one recessive
and one dominant allele
for that certain trait, but
dont have the trait, then
breed them together.

Can two organisms be the same?

Yes, two organisms
can be the same if they
are genetically identical,
or clones.
A mutation is a
change in a gene or

Wait, what are genetic disorders?

Genetic disorders are
abnormal conditions through
sex chromosomes. Sex
chromosomes are genes
carried on either the X or Y
Sex-limited genes are
carried exclusively on the X
or Y chromosomes.

*Pauses due to lack of questions*

In conclusion, DNA
(deoxyribonucleic acid) and
RNA (ribonucleic acid)
contain all the things we
talked about, and they
control how you look the
way you do and why your
body functions the way it