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Promotional Strategies adopted by The Organic Caf

Personal Selling
The Organic Caf will offer its products using personal selling strategies and face to face
meeting with prospective buyers using direct distribution channels (Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel,
2012). Personal selling is at the core of the sales strategy at The Organic Caf and direct
method of selling is the competitive edge of the cafe. In the caf the sales team will use face
to face selling strategies to sell the products. Our sales team will visit the buyers in the area
and use door to door selling strategies to explain available organic products offered by The
Organic Caf, these products will also be available to our customers on 24 hours home
delivery service.

The Organic Caf will use below the line marketing channels, involving displaying steamers
on the main roads and distributing brochures, leaflets and give-aways containing information
on the available products in the area (Stone & Desmond, 2007). Hoardings and standees will
also be displayed in and around The Organic Caf displaying information on available
products. The Organic Caf relies on direct channels of distribution to sell its products
directly to the customers.

Direct and Indirect Sales Promotional Methods

The Organic Caf will run several sales promotions for promoting its organic food and other
products, these promotions will include buy one get one free coupons, order above AED 20
and get freebies and other similar promotions (Bangs, 2002). The Organic Caf will also
conduct marketing research to collect competitor information to offer competitive prices
using direct sales promotional tools. The Organic Caf will also advertise on local radio
channels as part of indirect sales technique.
The Organic Caf will use a mix of Personal Selling, Advertisement and Sales Promotion to
attract more customers to the products and increase the market share.

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