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Science 7 : Topic 3&4 Quiz
I Canuse units of force and mass, and identify and measure forces and loads
I Can identify tension, compression, shearing and bending forces within a structure

Multiple Choice: Answer the following questions by circling the correct choice (1 mark each)
1. The mass of a mouse and the mass of an elephant
a) are very different
b) are about the same
c) are measured in Newtons

2.What unit of measurement is used for weight?

a) kilograms
b) grams
c) Newtons

3. What is deformation?
a) the change to the shape or size of the structure because of internal stresses
b) stresses that act on a structure
c) the mass of a structure

4. What type of internal force happens from bending or twisting a certain material by
pressing on different parts in different directions at the same time?
a) tension
b) compression
c) shear

5. What is not an example of a live load, or a changing force, on a structure?

a) tornado that causes extreme damage on a house
b) the weight of the structure itself
c) a textbook on a desk

6. What two pieces of information do you need to have to describe a force?

a) direction and shape
b) direction and size
c) size and shape
Fill in the blank: Choose the correct word from the word bank to fill in the blank (1 mark for
each blank)

1. A ______________________ force, shear, and ________________ forces are combinations of

tension and compression
2. To measure the amount of force, or pull of gravity on a mass, we use a
___________________ or a _____________________.
3. We measure mass in ________________________.
4. A material that has high tensile strength is _________________________.
Word Bank






Short Answer: Read each question carefully

1. Draw a force diagram for an elevator that is not moving. Remember to include the
circle to represent the object and 2 arrows in opposite directions. (1 mark)

2. What is the force called that the Earth pulls on us? (1 mark)

3. Correct the following statement: (1 mark)

As the space shuttle returned to earth, the astronauts mass returned to normal.

4. Gravitational force between two objects changes depending on where the object it.
What are two things that this force between two objects depends on? (2 marks)