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March 10,2015

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Letter of Reference for Mary Quiring
I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Ms. Quiring. I was Mary's hofessional
Semester 11 University Consultant during her 2014 Spring Semester practicum in Clareiholm, AB.
During this time, Ms. Quiring displayed many characteristics favorable to the teaching profession.
Ms- Quiring displayed exemplary punctuality, ethical conduct, and professionalism. She listened intently
and acted upon suggestions or advice given to her. Ms. Quiring self-reflected and initiated actions for
improvement. Mary's preparation and planning was excellent. Her classroom management reflected a
structured, fair, and consistent approach in a very differentiated and challenging claisroom environment.
She demonstrated confidence in her teaching.

Ms. Quiring utilized a variety of teaching strategies in her elementary classes including direct instruction,
cooperative learning, and demonstrations. She adapted her teaching methods to meet the various learning
styles and to maximize student success. Her verbal and written skills are excellent.
Ms. Quiring has demonstrated a very keen desire, maturity, and passion to become a teacher. She was
always cooperative and positive in her learning experiences. She is a team player but also a strong leader.
Ms' Quiring attended school meetings outside of her classroom once again demonstrating her
commibnent to the teaching profession.
Should you have further inquiries regarding this student teacher, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Robert N.


University Consultant
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